Ladies vs Butlers! #03 — Partners and Pussycats

January 19th, 2010


Censored for your protection.


Unfortunately, this was a pretty dull episode centered around generic drawing loli Mimina and Hino being forced to follow her around for the day because it’s Tomomi’s order for a test. Of course, he protects her from those mean ol’ girls who lack the ability to whisper and don’t realize that they’re giant bitches, he chases her pussy around, she falls for him, and bob’s your uncle. They still somehow managed to fit in some topless nudity this time around, but only at the very end and in Drillhead’s imagination, so I’m thankful for the lack of maids grinding on faces. It’s probably just Chu-Bra, Bund, and Qwaser that makes the topless little girl seem tame in comparison. I feel like I’ve been entirely desensitized this season.

The highlight of the episode was easily the random bishie-whose-name-I’ve-forgotten showing up out of nowhere. Now that’s censorship I can get behind. Not that it was actually censoring anything, but it was probably the best gag that this show has put out to date. Mimina is just a very dull and boring character though, so a lot of the episode is spent in a something of a dull fog. Once you’ve seen Flameheart Drillbrain’s little display and the bishie magically appearing, there’s not much else of value to this episode.

I guess I’m sticking with this one then, albeit begrudgingly. Last season I went with 11eyes on Tuesdays and this certainly can’t be any worse than that. I hope. By Zeus, I hope.


Oooh, foreigners and swords.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • wilson191 says:

    Looks like a loli episode…

  • Nanaya says:

    Oooh, foreigners and swords.

    If it turns out the next episode involves cowboys or cheerleaders in any way, I may put my fist through the screen.

    And <— that face always scares me for some reason. Some sort of survival instinct, I think…

  • antonio says:

    and are there more anime for adults it 2010 ? ( style cobra, cowboy bebop ? )

  • Yue says:

    “entirely desensitized” We feel the same way and drinks coffee.

    [Moe~crowd, “Aroduc, you meanie, Uru~schai! uru~schai!]

  • Hitsu says:

    Miss blondie will create a tunnel that will pierce the heavens!