When the Seagulls Cry #25 — Yakety Yak

December 16th, 2009


Yes, this episode would be infinitely more entertaining if set to Yakety Sax.


Well, that was embarrassingly awful, even for Seacats. The first half was one of the most underproduced things I’ve seen since the first episode of Fairy Tail, rife with flashbacks, reused shots, and generic pictures of scenery, all dominated by essentially a 10 minute monologue. I woke up from it in a daze behind the Olive Garden missing a kidney. You could practically taste where they were deseperately stretching things out to churn one more episode out of this mess. Or at least, I can’t think of a single other sane reason to have both Ange and Quasi-Eva tell us about the ‘magic’ in the book in their own little 2 minute segments of "Reading With Witches."

The second half improved slightly, but it still had next to nothing to do with the main plot, covered nothing interesting, and just confirmed what we already knew, that Evatrice is evil and crazy and Ange is overlaying her onto other people now as the source of all evil. Thanks. I hadn’t realized that after she murdered her entire family while cackling like a drunk hyena. It was also amusing how her men circled Ange to shoot her. They probably ended up shooting each other. And once again, I point out that the core narrative in this arc, the thing that binds all the disparate arcs together, is still all but absent. Since they introduced the blue text over a month ago, Battler and Beatrice have barely even shown up except to explain the red text slightly further. Way to keep all your ducks in a row, Deen.

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  • chounokoe says:

    While I’m still sad over the fact that next week’s finale will be a major BURN…congratulations for not getting this scene at all XD
    You do realize that it is impossible for Eva Beatrice to be there unless you believe in magic…you know that?

    • Aroduc says:

      Hardly. Ange thinks that she’s there, and that’s all that matters. Her sanity (and the sanity of all the people who think they’re witches) is not exactly well established.

  • Jubbz says:

    Wow, Did Eva get her face blasted off? >_<

    And no Battler and Beatrice at all this episode huh… looks like the final episode will be the WORST. Ugh i shudder already.

    • Aroduc says:

      Her gun exploded, but basically, yeah.

    • MuzikalNotes says:

      Actually, if adapted correctly (and it should be, or I shall burn down the studio), the last episode should be one of the best, or at least better than most of the past episodes. That episode may be the only one worth watching (since I’ve played the VN already and have a rather stubborn belief that the original is always better than the adaptations, which has been proven right by everything except Lucky Star and most American adaptations of Asian movies).

  • Fate says:

    I know nothing about this show but I saw laughing and than a bunch of dead people on the title page and for some reason I lold a bit.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, I knew this episode would focus on Ange on Rokkenjima but I didn’t think the entire episode would just be that. They’ll have enough to cover on the next episode that they really didn’t need to make that segment stretch for so long…

    I hope the low budget on this episode means the finale will be well animated.

    Also I’m not sure if you’re clear but the white haired woman is not Eva. It’s Ange’s aunt on her mothers side. The VN covers her in more detail but in the anime she’s really unheard of until this point. Kind of sad.

    • Aroduc says:

      Yeah. Bad wording on my part. Eva’s off being sick in the hospital. I was just assuming that we were supposed to think that Evatrice was now controlling her or something given the way Evatrice came out of her body. Deen kind of putzed up that scene in a number of ways.

  • Anonymous says:

    IIRC, Battler and Beatrice don’t show up for a large stretch of Episode 4 in the original game either. It’s all HURR DURR ANGE segments, which is why I hated most of Ep. 4 except for the final bits.

  • asdas says:

    Everything can be explained with drugs.

  • cross says:

    Tch, I would’ve thought we’d have gotten to ange-burgers at this point, but fucking Deen…why do you fail so much?

  • Polver says:

    WTF!? everithing was kinda ok, but then they showed the ending part of EP 3!? Now im confused…. @_@

  • Ian says:

    Although it does put the rest of the story in a bad spot, this is admittedly one of the best adapted episodes.

    If only every chapter of the original sound novel that could be sustained by single episodes were adapted like this one, many more fans would probably have been pleased.

    Nevertheless, if they ever get around to adapting Chiru, I wouldn’t mind watching it. I don’t care if there are rumors that it won’t get made due to poor DVD sales, I still want it done one way or another.

    It doesn’t have to be made by DEEN, or at least the people at DEEN who made the anime in a way that disappointed fans.

    And I want as many voice actors as possible to stay, because they are very good and I like them. I wouldn’t mind hearing Yukari Tamura as Erika (or should I say “Erica”, because that’s been going around).

    • Ian says:

      Of course, if there is to be a Chiru anime, they’d definitely have to order more than 26 episodes to make it work. Maybe 39 or 52 or something.