Project Galaxy Angel

December 20th, 2009

Merry Christmas.

English Patch:

Subtitled Movie Pack (~272 MB):

Direct all questions, typo/error reports, and comments to

Whew. Done. Well, 99.9% done. In more than enough time for Christmas too. All that’s left outside of typo fixes is a little bit of image fixing, but if you don’t mind a couple random things being mis-aligned or a location marker or two spilling out of its text box, it’s completely 100% done. The very minor text output lag issue is… well… a lost cause at this point I think. C’est la vie. At last, somebody translated a Japanese game that is appropriate to play with your 12 year old sister. A niche that I’m sure the VN community has been clamoring for.


Special thanks go out to Phiber and TK for all their hacking help, TK especially. SetraJonas, TBD, and Hikago were the front line defense against typos, and Metal_Cocoabo did the lion’s share of the rather irritating image editing. 98% of the translation cheers and jeers go to me, with Shio doing a chunk of chapter 3 before he vanished back into the void of the internet, and Totali gave me a hand with the movies. I like having a small/nearly non-existent group though. Nobody to yell at or blame when things don’t get done except for myself.

It’s been an interesting project to work on for a number of reasons. I’m glad that I got the battle quotes out of the way first because they were by far the most frustrating things to work on. Outside of the endless repetition, the line length limitations made for some… how to say… somewhat creative translations in more than a few cases. Next time, I’m going to be certain to abuse the hell out of search/replace first and then adapt things to each character’s speech pattern second. I’ve also learned firsthand just exactly how awful the official translation for GA have been thus far, which is always entertaining. I suppose most of the official translations of Japanese stuff were pretty awful in the early part of the decade though.

Outside of that, it was definitely a lot easier to work on than Battle Moon Wars, although I’m starting to develop a nervous twitch every time the writers have a character say "Really?" "Is that so?" "I see," or any of the billion other space filler lines devoid of intelligent content. I feel no shame in saying that there are parts of BMW that I look back on and cringe. It’s just really not all that readable in a lot of ways and maintains a lot of the crappy Japanese sentence structure for no good reason. There are definitely parts of GA that I don’t feel great about as I read over them, but overall, I’m a lot happier with how it turned out, even if there are still things that I tweak when I come across them. I still crave oversight, and late at night when I’m half asleep and wondering what the hell I was thinking when I translated a certain line in a certain way, I think of strange desperate scheme to trick other people into looking it over, but then I just mark things down and look at them when I’m feeling somewhat less unhinged.


That’s pretty much just about all that I have to say about it. It’s certainly not the most challenging game out there and the real development between Tact and his girl doesn’t really start until the next game, it’s still a fun little game. ML steps things up in just about every department aside from the antagonist, so it’s something to look forward to, even if I’m not going to get around to working on it for at least a month or two. I’m making decent headway on my new project, which is turning out to be both a lot sillier and more poignant in places than I had remembered, so am looking forward to escaping the tutorial sections and getting to the meat of the game. 

Anyway, enjoy.

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  • Kresnik says:

    Ah, how nice. A wonderful title to pass through the long holidays, considering another angel title still will not be present this December. lol

  • Shinji103 says:

    WEWT, IT’S DONE!!!

    Great job and good going for getting it done in tiome for Christmas. A great Christmas present indeed for those who have been dying to play, and /understand/, this game. :)

    Not that I’m in the above grouping though, as I’ve had this game for a few years on PS2 and can read Japanese. But Aroduc and co. still deserve acknowledgement for their hard work and efforts, especially in getting this done in time for the holidays. :) I have firsthand experience in just how hard and frustrating this kind of thing can actually be thanks to some experience in such projects myself.

    • Yue says:

      Surprise! Surprise!! Incredible achievement there… Congratulations Arudoc!

      Finally, i can read what were Takuto’s words that made Vanilla cry. That leaves me the Runes team and where they fit in, playing PS2.

  • Memento_Mori says:


  • Xien says:

    Well, time to dig.

  • izmosmolnar says:

    Thanks very much for all the effort you’ve put into the project.

  • Reo says:

    Thanks for all the hard work!~

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been waiting for an actual storyline starring the GA cast (aka not the anime). Congratulations on getting it all done!

    Now do Eternal Lovers :D

  • Arizth says:

    ^Moonlit Lovers first. IIRC, It’s already in the action plan anyway.

    When are you gonna announce/reveal that mystery other other trans project, anyways?

    • Aroduc says:

      Probably about a week after I receive the ability to insert text into the game, or whenever I finish the first two major chunks. Whichever comes first. Or you can just swing by IRC. It’s not really -that- big of a secret.

      • Xien says:

        Slight issue. I highly think you should consider changing “(Moon) Angel Wing” to “(Moon) Angel Troupe” as “Angel Wing” is something completely different.

      • Xien says:

        And, yes, I did read your little translation note on that issue. You don’t have to take my opinion to heart, however.

      • Xien says:

        Er, yeah. I seem to have messed up somewhere. Yes, I did read your little translation note on that issue. I believe that the on screen legend refers to the Emblem Frames when they use “Angel Wing” because in some of the other games, ‘Emblem Frame’ is used instead. On that basis, I think [エンジェル隊] should stay as ‘Angel Troupe’ or whatever synonym you wish to use.

      • Aroduc says:

        Okay. I choose to use the synonym “Wing.”

      • Xien says:

        Yeah, not like my opinions matter anyway. I just found it kind of redundant that the Angel Wing would use the Angel Wing.

      • Xien says:

        Or Feathers, for that matter.

  • Anonymous says:

    is it done? really? is that so?, oh i see

    just kidding

    thank you dude

  • Mahou says:

    Congrats on completion and thank you for the hard work!

  • Anonymous says:

    Can anyone explain how to install the game? The installer is in japanese and keeps giving me errors.

  • Remilia says:

    That was absolutely amazing. What a great game. Thank you so much for translating this. Aaah~ Mint-chan is so cute~

  • Silver says:

    0_0 !!

    Anyway, thank you for your amazing work.

    • MadDogV2 says:

      Broccoli pulled the plug on Broccoli USA in 2008, the Bro USA people have all been laid off or moved back to Japan.

      EDIT: oops, that was meant as a reply to Yue’s comment below.

  • Yue says:

    This leaves me thinking… Shouldn’t Arudoc and his crew be employed by Brocolli~(nyo) USA since they are exactly what this company needs for the past several years?

    Ironic how one man (& several volunteers) basically overturned nearly a decade stagnant progress.

    [sigh] Now I understand how grateful does CLANNAD fans were and how awesome translators are. ^^

  • Pat says:

    A most glorious Christmas present, thank you sir. Kick back and have a cold one, you deserve it.

    • Anonymous says:

      i having same problem…well i did stuff in read me and i got as far as intro but then it wont finish…

  • Justin says:

    Please help the game won’t start up and I’m trying to install it but it won’t work please help!

  • Rykn says:

    Hey your doing moonlit lovers right? will you have the Chitose route unlock add-on translated with it also? I found it and was wondering if i should put it on my moonlit lovers game…. If not i won’t bother.

  • Skribulous says:

    Thanks so very much for this. Have a Happy Holidays.

  • #P says:

    Gud Job…!!!
    waiting for Moonlit Lovers an Eternal Lovers

  • Shiirn says:

    Loving it so far, but having serious problems with the text being cut off…

  • Reo says:

    Just finished with Vanilla’s route. =)
    If I’m not mistaken I think I found some words error on Chapter 6?

  • anonymous says:

    Just posting to say I’ve been waiting nearly four years for this and I shall now proceed to do a GA marathon. Thanks a lot!

  • Kodoshi says:

    You don’t know how much time i’ve been waiting for this.
    Thank you x100000000000000000000000000000000000 and thanks for considering to translate Moonlit Lovers too!

  • fhc from Brasil says:

    Thank you very much. I was waiting for it for a long time too.

  • guyfromNYC says:

    Hey, during the installation when ur given a choice of probably which installation type you want (theres one sayin 810 -2050MB), (one saying 810MB) and (another with 1450mb)which one do we use?

  • Garm says:

    links to the subtitled movie parts are down, both of em. Reupload please :3

  • Heeto says:

    Thanks, I’ve been dying for a translation of this game! And I look forward to the release of Moonlit Lovers. But is there any chance Eternal Lovers is going to be subbed as well?

  • psychohistory says:

    I can’t believe I’m just getting this news. I’ve been waiting for a galaxy angel game for years. “THANK YOU” simply doesn’t do justice to how grateful I am to you people.

    And I know it’s years away (take your time), but highly anticipating moonlit lovers as well. Thanks again.

  • Memories Off Anime says:

    Great work translating, guys!
    So far revisited the game, and now I realize its so much better to play in a language that you understand than to guess in Japanese

    But…. call me stupid but I still can’t the English text to fully appear (already tried the “fast” text speed and stuff)

  • Tyler says:

    Does anyone know how to get the text to work? The menu works, but the speech doesn’t.

    • Memories Off Anime says:

      As far as I know
      You still have to use AppLocale to make the text show
      Used to know a way without AppLocale but forgot… installed a lot of junk on the computer so it worked w/o AppLocale. I think it has to do with the regional setting or language setting in control panel. Too lazy to explore that.

      P.S., to Miroku74, Visual Novels don’t make you a pervert
      Ecchi games do. To some people (e.g. me), Visual Novels and ecchi games are different. Visual Novels are like romance novels, with various amounts of fan service depending on nature of the game. Such as Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo. Though it is technically 18+, the storyline was so touching that many people got extremely upset when they got to the H-scenes. H-games are moer of fan service with a bit of storyline so the player doesn’t get bored. E.g. Imouto Jiru or like.. more extreme stuff. Besides, this whole series have absolutely no borderline images or dialogue. Doesn’t make you a pervert if you are obsessed with GA.

  • Miroku74 says:

    Thank you for the hard work which must’ve gone into putting the patch together. ^^

    Now I can proudly show my love for Visual Novels to family and friends and not get pariahed for being a pervert!

  • Nanaya says:

    Tried registering on forums as “Nothing,” didn’t get the e-mail, so I’ll post it here:

    I think I ran across a bug when working towards Milfie’s route (4th route for me), having just finished Forte’s (hers was my 3rd route). On the battle vs Sherry in the beginning of chapter 5, I lost all of my bonuses (Milfie, Mint and Ranpha were practically juggernauts up until then) and Forte suddenly became the most powerful (she had been the weakest up until then). Nothing similar to this happened in any of my other playthroughs, and I did all the character-centric positive choices beforehand.

    Edit: On checking after the battle (I had to swarm the flagship and use Forte’s suddenly-supercharged special), all their trust levels were the same as they had been.

    • Aroduc says:

      Strange, but no idea.

    • BroccoliNyo says:

      My guess is because Chapt 5 is Forte’s chapter???
      Never played through Milfeulle route from the start (I just loaded the savefile from Chap 7, the dance. Saves lots of time, because now I don’t have to go through the same 5 chapters twice more.)so…
      But just to say, I didn’t notice any difference in gameplay between the original and this patch. Sometimes they go KABOOM one battle. I think it may have happened in GAML and GAEL too… Though it doesn’t really matter does it??? As long as you have played even one TBS or RTS game in the past, you should beat the game easily.
      Besides, some battles are so easy that I just wipe off half the battlefield with one Angel.
      Anyways, if I remember correctly, in all of the games, the scoring rank goes something like this: Ranpha, Milfeulle, Forte, (Chitose,) Mint, (Sorry, ミント様) Vanilla (Of course, their own storylines excluded). Maybe you pissed off Ranpha very much…(I remember that there are a couple of choices that favors Milfie and really upsets Ranpha… (Though the Kafukafu tree is in Chapt 6, I believe?) Like the one where they did karaoke in the tea lounge (though I forgot which Chapt was it) and asks Takuto who’s better… (Cliche…)

      P.S. Maybe check the info on patches for the game on the site??? They may mention something about that (though I barely read Japanese so…) because after all, they fix bugs, or no game sold… (Well, technically some people play buggy games for fun, while some buys it for reference/studying)

      P.S.S. Nyo Nyo Nyo Nyo Nyo! Broccoli Nyo~

    • Anonymous says:

      i keep failing spambot test…waht tis the answer?

  • Darkhinablade says:

    Man how i can made you a monument omg this game always want to play but for language barrier never dare to play
    thx to you i have a chance to enjoy this jewel thx a lot for this
    also my real language is not english but im understand a lot more that japanese so thank you very much again
    and Viva galaxy angel

  • Anonymous says:

    okay i am not sure how to install this…the instructions for installation of the version of the game that the patch goes to (the one the read me directs to) are in japanese…and i tried setting it up and the game went as far as…the intro movie…

    • Anonymous says:

      o now i see… this patch does not include the game itsself or any links to download it… oh kaaayy now which files do i overright?

  • Spygat says:

    Amazing job Aroduc! :D

    I’ll say it again:

    You are a GOD!

    Good luck with your next GA projects :)

    Waiting eagerly for them ;)

  • Anonymous says:

    i cant figure out how to join your forum…i keep failing the spambot test…i dont know what the heck 16-9 means…please help

  • Spygat says:

    Answer to Anonymous:

    Its an equation :)

    What is 16 minus 9?

    Result: 7

  • BlurBlur says:

    Well, I downloaded the english patch and the game can’t seem to work. The computer says that theres a problem while configuring the game. Do I need to download the movie pack too before it can work?

    Also, there are 2 links under movie pack. Are they the same?


  • BlurBlur says:

    I downloaded the movie pack but it still did not work. I found out that I need to have these files in order for it to work. I have trouble finding them. I need help.

    There should be at least three folders in the GA directory:
    File extensions:

    That’s really all the GA folder consists of.

    Could someone help please…!

  • BlurBlur says:

    Later I found out that I need to change the version to 1.10 or something using the gaup110 but it cannot seem to work. HELP

  • Anonymous says:

    Great work on the translation! I just finished the game last night and it was a blast. I wouldn’t have been able to play this excellent game without your efforts.

    Thank you very much!

  • Anonymous says:

    It works great once the update is installed, its just that the text is partially cut off, does anyone know any good suggestions to fix this problem? If not, It is still bearable to deal with

  • LordHylia says:

    I’m having a bit of a problem installing.

    at the point where I think it’s asking for the next disk (don’t have an japanese font so it’s all gibberish with what i’m pretty sure is the words wifi and disc 1 being barely readable) it keeps giving me an error that only shows up as a bunch of ?’s (two lines worth with 2 blank lines between them) when I try to get it to accept disc 2, funny thing is that it’s done it at 33% and 60% completion and well I have no problem what’s wrong…

  • LordHylia says:

    the last sentence should be “- and well I have no *clue* what’s wrong…”

  • somebody says:

    i cant get it to work i got to the page where i have to put it in a folder well at i think so since the word is in another language and whenever i click on the file and press ok it doesnt work any ideas?

  • J says:

    is there any chance that you will also translate Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers?
    well, I just want to finish the trilogy.
    hahaha, sorry if this is a dumb question.

  • RewRyu Lullaby says:

    Thank You for the English Translation!!! I’m so glad that it finally have English Patch!!!!

  • Bobjones says:

    I’m having trouble with the official version update patch. When I try to extract it it says the file is corrupted. Re-downloading it does not solve the problem.

  • DaleRPullins says:

    id like to kno if theres a trainer for this game? im haveing problems with a battle that i just cant seem to win.

  • im new with the galaxy angel series but i got hooked when i saw mint and encountered her in the Doom Hack.felt bad that she was an enemy in it u all know wheree i can download the actual game so that way i can get it before i get the english patch?