Kämpfer #12 — Nätsuru x Nätsuru

December 17th, 2009




This really was a pretty terrible episode across the board. I was already resigned to it being nothing but nonsensical filler and was pretty sure that the irritating animals would be assaulting us with their squeaky voices, but the whole thing turned out to be a lot more irritating than I was expecting. There were a few decent moments here and there, like the animals awakening to their inner masochists at the end, but aside from that, it was neither bizarre enough to be amusing nor was it interesting enough to… well… not suck.  Just a pretty crappy fanservicey bodyswap episode all around because they apparently had a hole in their schedule. I think I’d be more forgiving if they had tucked this away as a DVD extra.

I don’t even want to think about MILF Natsuru and creepy-mustached Natsuru having a child together either. That’s well beyond the bounds of what my brain can handle. I think it’s even creepier than the amusement park themed around ways to die. That’s the kind of crap the Joker comes up with.

Final thoughts at the bottom.


Final Thoughts:

Kampfer never really lived up to its potential. The first couple episodes were all about the premise, and it was a mindless but solid one; girls fight things. That, plus decent animation, a protagonist with at least a small pair of balls, and great music made things promising. And then all of that except the music totally vanished and we got a lesbian romantic comedy instead until the end, where somehow the corniness took over the quasi-serious scene and managed to keep the comedy going. It made an okay comedy, and I don’t regret watching it at all, but thinking about on the show, all that I can think about is how much better it could have been if it had kept up what it did right in the first few episodes. Hell, if Natsuru had just retained what little testicular fortitude he had in those episodes, things would have been a lot better.

In the end, it really just ended up being pretty brainless, although more comedy than action. That’s okay. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but it’s the kind of thing that’s more fun to talk about and make fun of together than actually watch. I like to think of this show as the perfect target for a good MST3K viewing, the problem is that I remain unsure for the most part as to how much of that is intentional. I’ll give them the ending, but that still leaves a significant chunk of the other 9 episodes or so where my money is on the writers being drunk, not good.

Anyway, not a horrible way to spend Thursdays between classes for me, and really, that’s all that matters in the end. If there’s a sequel, I’ll probably watch it, but I’m not going to be crying any tears when this show vanishes from the face of the Earth forever either.

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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Gil says:

    WTF @ End?

  • Guest?? says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Ending it on last weeks episode would’ve been more awesome. At least when it came to everyone’s final impressions.

  • Fate says:

    Personally it satisfied my requirement of a good anime, that it be entertaining. It was highly entertaining to me so I say that it did a good job. I am not looking for a piece of incredible art when I watch anime. I am also not necessarily looking for incredible story. If I wanted art or an amazing story I would go read a book. This was one of the better shows this season which I have to admit besides this show was pretty terrible.

  • Rawr says:

    It’s more memorable this way. It’ll go down as being one of the most consistently bad show to date, as opposed to a show that tried too hard to be good, and ended up mediocre.

    • Azure says:

      That actually makes quite a lot of sense. Better to be bad all across the board and be watchable as prime snark bait than completely lost in the flood of mediocre harem romcoms.

  • kenuran says:

    This was the worst anime I’ve watched this year.

    Crappy crappy show. Shizuku was the only decent character. Everyone else just wears down over time.

    You never even find out that Kampfer “disappear completely” when they lose a battle cause it never tells you that.

  • CrashAndBurn says:

    At first, it was meh.
    then it was picking up with awesome plot and Dark Kaede
    then they just kicked out the plot in favor of a Christmas Episode that doesn’t even make any sense anymore.

    hell.. how would people even know the Vita Sexualis manga… dayum…

    and yeah.. ending.. what was that… then again, I always think of them as another people and not as split Natsuru so meh….

  • Jack Damn says:

    Shizuku. In the study. With the candlestick.

  • SIlverhime says:

    Terrible ending.

  • unknown says:

    I actually liked this series and was looking forward to seeing more
    …..but of course they killed it and are shutting it down in the end.

  • Tsujigiri says:

    Well I understand that this episode was special and it wasn’t part of the story but it was such a crap…