Kämpfer #10 — Nätsuru’s Things

December 3rd, 2009


Shizuku likes being "his thing."


Mind control is pretty much certain now, although I’m certainly not ruling out the possibility that Natsuru’s just a moron and somebody decided to finally take advantage of that. It remains to be seen whether Sakura’s a pawn, the mastermind, a pawn pretending to be the mastermind, or maybe the mastermind pretending to be a pawn pretending to… you know what, that’s entirely too complex for this show. Aliens did it. Or maybe the Spaniards that they kidnapped for the Salsa background music this episode.

It’s a little worrying to me that we’re now two episodes from the end and absolutely nothing feels like it’s wrapping up at all. Nomad’s been having trouble with the whole "ending" thing for the past couple years. We lack any kind of menacing antagonist, and what little plot there is doesn’t feel like it’s working towards any kind of conclusion, especially when they take time out from Sakura’s brainwashing for comic relief between Akane and Mikoto. Or Sakura and Akane dividing up ownership of Natsuru’s breasts. Maybe they’ll spring a surprise second set of 12 episodes where they bother to have a plot… or antagonists that do something other than run away or act as pimps.

The mind control theory for Sakura was a lot stronger this episode. Her mode of speech changed a bit, as well as Natsuru’s being hypnotized after the ear licking and forgetting what happened, although it’s a bit hard to tell exactly what the hell Sakura’s goal is here. Maybe she’s trying to cause a rift between the blues and reds by brainwashing Natsuru into dry humping Shizuku. Lord knows that Akane and Mikoto are not the most stable of lesbians. Joke’s on her anyway, Natsuru has no testicles in either form. It’s also not like Shizuku wasn’t asking for it… and more than a little bizarre that her kiss would break the brainwashing in the middle of the attempted mounting and make him think of Sakura again. But anyway, the Whites know that the two Natsurus are the same, so if Sakura was Sakura, pushing Natsuru onto Shizuku is not a good way to get… uh… Natsuru.

And finally, the desperate lesbian award of the episode goes to Akane, who was willing to have an indirect kiss with Natsuru through Shizuku. Beause, you know… kissing Shizuku who kissed Natsuru is the same as kissing Natsuru. A clear demonstration of the lesbian transitive property.


Showdown with ‘Sakura.’

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22 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Last SENNJU says:

    first place….yuppi

    looks like lot fun is ahade …. shizuku ROCKS…
    little bit sakura (bitch) is going to reveled …

  • Gin says:

    Japanese girls seem to be all obsessed about indirect kisses, for some reason.
    Was I the only one who thought, ‘you’re going to get raped’ in that shot?

  • sage says:

    A clear demonstration of the lesbian transitive property.

    Only a genius can come up with these gems.

  • Ex says:

    damn, how i wish for a shizuku ending. Break conventions damnit!

  • Mentar says:

    Er… I’d say the show is clearly about to wrap up ;)

    At least, Shizuku has finally tagged the perpetrator (Kaede). And next episode title is supposed to mean “Choice”.

  • asdas says:

    A Wizard Did It.

  • Lero says:

    A cat is fine too…. wait.. who is she???

  • asdf says:

    Well,lemme warn you.

    Just be ready to disappointed by the story anyway,it was broken from the start,just watch it for what it is worth.

  • huhu says:

    im certain im one of those few who dosent hate sakura. in fact i agree with natsuru on her being the most attractive. and one of those few who prefers male natsuru over female. i just think that the female is being a bigger pushover than the male, since he is the more unpopular one

  • Nanaya says:

    (7 minutes into trying to type something) I can’t even comment coherently anymore. Natsuru is -the- thickest, dumbest protagonist character that has ever been. It’s not even funny or pitiful, just a general repulsion at this point. I seriously think my intelligence temporarily dropped after watching each episode.

    I… I just can’t deal with it. The only way I can still watch this show is by pretending realizing that the secondary characters (like Akane and Shizuku) are actually the main characters, and Natsuru in either form is to be skipped over.

  • Fate says:

    Natsuru is certainly stupid. He is extremely lucky to have any woman interested in him whatsoever. He is even more lucky to have an awesome woman like Shizuku after him. What she sees in him one will never know. I do submit that the dumbest male of all though is the protagonist from School Days not Natsuru.

  • LuBu says:

    Given that the focus has always been on a gotcha fanservice (hah! those are manboobs you’re ogling!) can anyone really say they’re disappointed by the lack of plot? Shizuku is clearly the most likable protagonist, but it’s likely going to end with no clear victor in the romance department.

    I’m damned curious to know why the whole charade exists though, given that they haven’t devoted any time to it in the show. How much can you expect when they are two episodes left though? You’re left with

    1) Evil Sakura – probable but I don’t like the bitch anyway, she’s either uber ditzy or randomly evil.
    2) Brainwashed Sakura – lame. shouldn’t work out for two clueless sofa humpers.
    3) Pawn Sakura – Not much time to develop a real evil overlord, no chance of this.

    I mean, they have magical dolls which talk, evil overlord moderators, some sort of strange “team” set up that nobody gives a shit about, and gender bending wrist bracelets that only affect Natsuru. The real bothersome thing to me is that the main characters treat this as normal. It’s like they’re hiding some giant secret about the fabric of their universe.

    Either way, this has been an amusing journey, if only to remind me how ridiculous anime can be. This one’s pretty far out.

  • LuBu says:

    I’m late to the whole thinking about this anime game, but why does the braclet do what it does? Is it some sort of reflection of the subconcious? I.E. Natsuru knew he only had a chance with Sakura as a female? In the same way that captain mc angry redheadpants (I’m tired and can’t remember red’s name) turns into an actualized version of herself, does he secretly wish to give up his masculinity in exchange for love?

    How droll. I bet I missed pages of this sort of theorycrafting by not reading this blog earlier.

  • LuBu says:

    Read the other blog entries. Adding a fourth possibility

    4) Psycho Sakura: Everyone meets the sling blade and dies. Higurashi ending, preferable.

  • Pozzy says:

    I dont think the bracelets transform them into something they “desire” as you were suggesting… its just a “battle form”. the first episode explained that all kampfers *must* be women though, so when he goes into “battle form” naturally, hed do the gender bender.

    regardless of what the hell the plot is leading to anyways, i dont see any kind of coherence behind what sakura is doing. what relation could there possibly be in senou boning shizuku, therefore sakura… wins i guess? and if this is all some elaborate scheme to “trap” someone into death (especially if its senou), im just going to /facepalm and pretend like there never was a plot to begin with.

    seriously, there better be some big freaking code geass ending to wrap this up otherwise evil hypnotist sakura just became the plot device of the season.

    • asdf says:

      Nope, the story was broken from the very start.

      Abandon all hope.I know this because Ive seen the truth.

      • Nanaya says:

        It makes you wish the anime studios would rewrite the plot of a series when it would actually improve from it…

  • LuBu says:

    I get it now. Senou sleeps with shizuku and then ashton kutcher busts out of nowhere and moons the camera.

  • Rawr says:

    Mikoto’s on the white team. The white team is owned by Sakura. The logic in this is where?

  • Fate says:

    Is this show going to end at 13 eps. That seems anticlimactic.