Asura Cryin’ #25 — Dreams and Delusions

December 16th, 2009


And an owl with indigestion.


Ugh. Well, at least the second half pulled together a little bit better… and Tomo needs to just make a contract with Nia already. "Kiss for good luck," my foot. Lord knows that he’d probably end up with another slime daughter like Christine had which was far more interesting and powerful than a giant owl that spits fire. Seriously. How shafted are Tomo and Takatsuki in the daughter department here? Giant shapeshifting slime, ice phoenix, and… an owl. It’s amazing how much more standable Nia is with a little maturity and the cessation of whining about her sister constantly. Still, most of this episode was the party travelling from one place to the next in order to give rousing speeches about the differences between dreams and delusions while deus ex "we have an extra 10 minutes to fill" people opened the way to the Central Vortex, which was under their feet all along. 

Anyway, Tokiya returns from his world hopping exploits to reveal that Aki’s screwed in pretty much all of them and he does need the magical dildo after all. I’m kind of surprised that Hiwako is still with him now that their little jaunt through realities has ended in complete failure in every way. Maybe she’s hoping for the dildo too. Assuming Tomo et all were bright enough to not bring it with them (ha!), I have the sinking feeling that Shuuri’s Yukari’s going to be the one that hands it over. She took her sister’s death harder than most of the rest and I don’t think Tomo’s "You are you" speech quite cut it. Her absence is just suspicious to me. Plus, she wasn’t part of the group that showed up to save him at the end, so didn’t get the whole "you don’t get to change reality" speech. Reishirou, on the other hand, was hilarious. Making fun of 7Arcs’ art is kind of passe at this point, but he seriously looks like some kind of misshapen dwarf in this shot and posing with his little pistols next to You’s 7 foot sword just made him look even smaller. Poor guy’s a joke at the very end.


Oh good, Tokiya’s got the dildo. Great work, team.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Gin says:

    I agree, that shot of Reishirou is easily the funniest thing I have seen this past month. I mean, I can’t stop laughing. Looks like that is getting fixed up in the DVD version.

  • Lero says:

    “Maybe she’s hoping for the dildo too”.
    lol … XD

    From this…
    compared to this…
    What the hell!! 7arcs really needs to fix that “upss” in the DVDs.
    Nice screenshot.

  • Fate says:

    Moral of the story, Dildo’s save lives.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Oh good, Tokiya’s got the dildo. Great work, team.”

    And this is why you always check your party’s equipment before the boss fight and make sure everybody is optimized. Seriously, how hard would it have been to give Kurogane the Igniter before going to fight Tokiya?

  • Rockfest says:

    So… why did they even need to have the igniter in the first place? So why bother bringing it along at all? I thought they all knew that Shuri was Yukari… w/e. How come Ania isn’t experiencing Hizaika? So many questions… too much stupidness. Finale next week, whee~, Let’s see how they manage to wrap this up…

  • iRathiest says:

    I place bets that all of the main trio will survive. Either that or they all die. All of them.

    Tomo likes his dildos. Hands down. Even in Soviet Russia.

    Ania’s probably going to do something next episode, whether it be protecting Tomo (the retard) and dying or making some speech we’ve heard in just about every other action anime to try to pump him up. That and every single other character.

    Ania sucks luck to maintain her magical power. Her lineage is a special kind.

    Only Tomo knew about the Shuri-Yukari thing.

    Welcome to The Melancholy of Reishirou-tan.