Asura Cryin’ #24 — “Don’t Worry, We Still Have Time…”

December 10th, 2009


Nice plan, Nia.


As expected, not a particularly exciting episode. It was pretty much just them arriving back in the 2nd world, seeing how injured everybody was, and a somewhat creepy look into Misao’s psyche. She’s cool with Tomo and Takatsuki being together, because she knows he’ll come back to her in the end. She’s definitely the battered wife owl in this relationship. Speaking of owls, wasn’t Tomo and Takatsuki’s daughter supposed to be a salamander? I thought the owl belonged to Naotaka. How lame is it that we got cheated out of a kiss too? Nothing interrupted them, they just cut away so Misao could compare herself to something that spits up pellets full of mouse bones.

At least Tokiya’s making a case to be a real villain considering that Tomo’s carting around the Dildo of Gods. I’m not entirely certain how he’s got Bismuth, Hisui, and Rhodonite all working without burial dolls in each, but there you go. As a side note, it was hilarious when the three Asura Machines were all shooting their magic into the vortex, and then Bismuth shoved his magic-cancelling drill into it too. Did we forget what Bismuth does, Seven Arcs? Still, considering the good guy side still has one cyborg, two Asura Machine users, an ex-handler, a luck eater, Mahiwa, and god-mode Asura Cryin’ Tomo, Tokiya’s still skating by on the good guys not paying as much attention to him as they should. And yet, they’ll still probably end up sending Tomo in alone to stop the crazy guy. The decision making skills of Team Good Guy are not exactly impressive.

Seven Arcs is probably also hoping that we forgot that Tomo’s carting around Aki’s pretty pretty accessories. Hell, Tomo’s probably forgotten about it too. But not me. I’m onto their trickery.


Aren’t you sad that you never did anything, Haruna?

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • iRathiest says:

    1) Why is it that Ania seems to have faded back into a not-so-important character anymore somehow?

    2) Shouldn’t Bismuth’s spinning-lance-of-magic-canceling have nulled the effects of the other Asura Machina abilities or destroyed the gate itself?

    3) The plotline is getting weird. Not yet Bakemonogatari weird, but nearing it. Also, it’s getting to the point where remembering where we are in the story requires me watching the episode twice, reading posts like this to refresh my memory, and then posting posts like I am now to make sure I’m not totally lost next week, when episode 25 comes out.

    4) Is Asura Cryin’ 2 going to be another 13 episode anime? If so, it’s going to be finished damn fast.

    5) I place bets that Tomoharu is going to survive somehow. I’m not sure about his little harem (Ania, Kanade, Misao), but Tomo’s almost guaranteed to survive in this anime-specific plotline they’ve drawn up. The good guys always win, right? Especially if they want to make more money by letting US companies license it to air to little kids over there in America.

  • Fate says:

    I agree Tomo has to survive. I also do agree with the quick deus ex machina ending potential. I disagree however that Bakemonogatari was weird compared to other anime.

  • Levi says:

    Who is Takaya?

    Oh is the genkidama!!

    I only hope a good end to this series, please Seven Arcs.

  • Rockfest says:

    For some reason the art style seems a bit different from usual. Anyone know why there are three student councils and each of them do? Seems kinda redundant, as we also have GD of uselessness. Also lol at Tokiya “networking” all the other Asura Machina together. One more thing, what makes an Asura Cryin’ so bad anyways? Its not like it would’ve been the end of the wor… oh wait, nvm.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but watching that owl wreck the ice phoenix is going to be awesome.

  • Lero says:

    Isn’t a owl, is Noctowl, a pokemon!!!

  • Lauren says:

    Ahaha, that’s a damn hilarious looking owl.

  • iRathiest says:

    If Bakemonogatari isn’t weird then we all must be sane.

    Actually, Tomo might actually not want to destroy the Deus ex Machina, since blasting the hell out of it will make Kanade, Ania, and Misao all disappear is the result of ridding the world of all abnormal things (Asura Machina, Burial Dolls, Daughters, Demons).

  • Meyers07 says:

    This shit is weirder than Modern Warfare 2, which incidentally features the same things that you can see in Asura Cryin, like good guys getting betrayed, some are killed, and etcetera.

  • Silver says:

    Things really do get weird in this series but it’s still quite logical. 11eyes however wins the award for crazy wtf moments.