Asura Cryin’ #23 — I… Wait… What?

December 3rd, 2009


I feel like this show just mugged me and stole my shirt.


Oh hey, I’m going to complain about terrible direction again. I can’t remember doing that at all recently. At least this episode fully woke me up by churning the bile so deeply in my gullet that I should probably be cordoned off as a public health hazard.

Okay, so… let’s quickly summarize this episode… we never learn why Misao had vanished, Naotaka’s living on an interdimensional battleship that’s also an Asura Machine, Misao gives up Tomo to Takatsuki who contracts with him, Tomo swats random monsters while shooting the breeze with Misao until a random boss shows up, 1st World Misao sacrifices herself to give Kurogane Mk II enough power to save world 1, the magic dildo turns Asura Cryin’s into gods, and then Tomo rejects An, everybody hops off on the yellow submarine back to world 2. One of these things is not like the others.

Am I the only one that sees a mood and pacing issue here? It feels like they had a checklist for every single thing relating to world 1 and they literally just went down it through the episode, piece by piece, marking off every single thing, and then tossing in Takatsuki and Tomo for good measure. That wasn’t even a dramatic moment either. It lasted all of about 30 seconds and consisted of a conversation that went something like:

Kanade: "I lied about my powers being gone. But it made me happy to be with you."
Misao: "You can have him if it means you’ll live."
Kanade: "Okay, wanna contract?"
Tomo: "Durrrrrrrr."

I may be paraphrasing slightly. But only slightly.

It felt like the show was ending. I mean, hell, they saved the world. After the last god only know how many weeks of "the world is ending and there’s NOTHING WE CAN DO TO STOP IT," it’s a tad anticlimatic to have the cause, solution, and execution thereof all dumped into a tiny little 7 minute span, capped off with a fight against a generic monster. Why start playing the OP as an insert song while Tomo’s effortlessly punching random monsters while he and Misao are talking about… I don’t even know, her hair or something. Could they have made that scene feel any more trivial?

And then, of course, the first thing they do is ship the GOD MODE dildo back towards the insane psychopath… who despite being sucked into the vortex too, somehow never showed up in world 1. How exactly does that work?  And what the hell was with An? Couldn’t Tomo just say "Oh, by the way, that was the other Tomo, not me. Sorry, can’t answer you." I mean, she was perfectly fine seeing Takatsuki, who had been a burial doll in world 1 for god only know how long… and didn’t even ask why she was in a coma. Is this normal for world 1? I think maybe they deserved to be eaten by the large hadron collider. Aargh, the bile’s churning again just thinking about it.

I think the thing that may have irritated me the most though, was idiot savant Misao saving the world. "If one Asura Machine isn’t strong enough… what if we use two?" "GENIUS!" It never crossed their mind to A.) Make another Hagane since they knew the first was going to get jacked by Tokiya, or B.) Recruit somebody to help them? Why not use one of the creepy shadows piloting Naotaka’s space whale? The mind boggles. Truly, painfully.



"Hi. We’re the antagonists. We’ve been over here eating cake."

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  • Bremen says:

    I got the distinct impression that Nia and Naotaka knew perfectly well they could merge the two Asura Machina, but waited for Misao to suggest it so that they’d be more willing to risk/throw away their lives. I mean, the two Asura Machina were already pre-loaded into the convenient splicing machine.

    It makes sense as opposed to coming out and asking Tomo and Misao to play russian roulette; I definitely had the sense they were being played that whole scene.

  • Gin says:

    In my opinion, cake is a pretty good reason to be slacking off for a few episodes.

  • FlameStrike says:

    Hahaha man you think too much. Well I agree that the pacing wasn’t good at all. There was supposed to be some sort of huge risk in fusing the white and black gane’s but that wasn’t conveyed at all in the rush of the episode. Aside from details being neglected and making light of the UBER WORLD CRISIS I was highly amused by this episode.

    As for making another Hagane, I think the point was that they can’t just churn out Hagane’s like that. Or if they could, why bother making the other types?
    Also with the issue of getting another Asura to help them: If they had any available Asura’s left, it probably doesn’t have the right power to help close the portal. From what I gathered you need “Absolute control over Space”. Also I think Asura Machina exist in a space/time limbo and only one of each can have a handler and be summoned at once. I think that president from the first world said something about that in the 1st ep. So the only Asura Machina they might have had available would be Shirogane and Kurogane, both which got sucked into the portal with them. I suppose maybe using Shiro and Kuro at the same time with two different handlers might have worked. But srsly where are you going to come up with a pair of people to entrust with some mystical demonic WMD with all of a sudden (Assuming that Shiro and Kuro can produce the same output even if not fused)? Grab a random student of the street, or use a no-faced-dark-mook? Sure to US it might be great to have an Asura Machina, but it’s easy to forget that you have to sacrifice someone you care for to get one.

    Contrary to your opinion, I rather liked Misao and Tomo’s casual “LOL WE’RE SAVIN’ da WORLD” attitude while they owned stray daughters.

    It’s a shame that Tomo1, Misao1, and Kanade1 all kicked the bucket though.

    Well I suppose for an anime original ending this was fine imo, at-least it made sense in the context of the show. Not that that says much.

    On another note… can demons contract eachother? Since Tomo’s a demon and what not. Well judging by the preview I suppose they can.

    • FlameStrike says:

      Gah comment edit failed.
      Well I was going to make some remarks about where the heck antagonists2 went.
      I came up with some crazy theories.
      A. Since they have uber hax Hagane, somehow they resisted the effects of the portal and remained in world two. It would explain a lot imo and it’s not impossible.
      B. They used uber hax Hagane’s power to return to world two asap. It’s possible since that’s how they got their in the first place.
      C. They were sucked up and ended farther back in time then Tomo’s group. If I would put a guess to it I’d probably say they were the original cause of the black hole malfunction. They made the 1st world go to hell so they could return to their world and then godmod a 3rd world out of nothing. Also no accident = no Asura Machina.

      Theory B doesn’t make sense since if they ended up in the 1st world at the same time the others did. Why wouldn’t they try to take the Igniter or more Asura Machinas? Or they would try to take the their 1st world versions and live happily. Theory C leads to all sorts of time paradoxes, but hey Ania herself is one. I think they probably just didnt’ go anywhere though. That’s the dimpliest explanation.

      • zeeeek says:

        The main reason why Nia got sent to an early time is because she stole all of Kagakatari’s luck most likely; for the same reason, he probably didn’t manage to make it through Hagane’s time warp to the other side and was probably just stuck in some random place in the Second World.

        Tomoharu and the others should have had normal luck and entered the First world at the normal time.

        As for the Kurogane, Shirogane, Hagane; that whole thing is probably that they’re a series (created already knowing what they looked like since its the same Nia). They probably just finished Hagane after modeling its powers on the already made Kurogane and Shirogane, and then just gave it to Tomoharu to use.

        But then, Nia knew that Tomoharu Second World would be coming there with a burnt out Kurogane. Shouldn’t she have thought ahead about that when they did arrive with Kurogane in the present time? She really should have had something ready to upgrade Kurogane rather than leaving it to Misao to suggest…

        That’s probably the oddest thing about it all; she should have known that they’d lose Hagane and then have to fight it again. It is rather odd that she wouldn’t create an alternative method for closing the gate and stopping Tokiya since she knew about all of that before designing the Asura Machina from the whole time paradox issue.

      • Niako says:

        That’s not right, Tokiya, Hiwako and Hagane actually went to 1st Stage world as well. They just used Hagane’s power to easily came back to the 2nd Stage world(as revealed in Vol.13 of light novel).

        We don’t really know why Nia got sent to 1st Stage world 5 years earlier than Tomoharu, Kanade and Misao but fans of light novel speculated that because Nia gave out most of her luck to Tomoharu and Kanade right before they got sent to the 1st Stage world.

        This speculation made by fans of light novel maybe true as Tomoharu and Kanade thanks Nia for giving her luck to them before they got sent to 1st Stgae world. Because of Nia giving most of luck to Tomoharu and Kanade which prevented them from getting sent to 1st Stage world in different timeline(Also shown in Anime as well even though anime kinda dumb it down, in episode 22 and vol.11 or vol.12 in light novel).

        By the way, I think you meant to say Tokiya, not Kagakagari, the one Nia stole the luck and take the Igniter back from right before getting sent to the 1st Stage world. Also, it’s not like Nia didn’t try looking for alternative, it’s just that she couldn’t. There was lot of options she could think of which possibly prevent her from coming to 1st Stage world in the first place which makes Asura Machina not existed because she’s the one who created it. There was more reasons about this issues in vol.12 of light novel, guess I gotta look it up again.

        Regarding Kurogane Kai issue, I guess Nia and Naotaka, since being ultra smart didn’t really thought of it because the idea of it kinda seemed stupid and impossible until Misao mentions it to them about fusing Kurogane and Shirogane to make Hagane(which turned out to be Kurogane Kai even exceeds Hagane in raws terms of strength)

  • Niako says:

    I knew it, from this episode story is differ from the light novel, an original story.

    I’m relieved since that means anime will have better ending than a light novel, a proper closer.

    Tamao do not appear in anime because Misao 1st and 2nd fuses themselves together in the Anime.

    In original light novel, Tamao(Misao 1st) uses her ability to destroy central vortex to stop Tokiya’s plan of destroying 2nd stage world to create the 3rd stage world. Tamao also came to 2nd stage world as same time as Tomoharu(1st) so she’s grown up just like Tomoharu(1st) in light novel too, who Tomoharu and Misao met before battling with Tokiya and got send to the 1st stage world from the 2nd stage world.

    Technically, by destroying central vortex in 1st stage world, 2nd stage world will not be created, that’s why this event did not occured in original light novel, but I guess anime really don’t really care about the setting and I’m happy to see 1st stage world been saved.

    • Lero says:

      Niako do you like this way of the anime? Judging some disturbing post about the 13th novel I think that original anime version is fine.
      About the big bads…. I thought the time in the first world = 5 minutes of the second world. A cake is fine too.

  • beernuts says:

    Que only got 4 minutes to save the world, with ugly ass madona and timberland. And that’s what this episode was. Still it beats the hell out of the light novel ending, which was like a big fuck you too all the fans reading it. Oh well, still felt kind of frivolous, because tomo 1’s reason to save the world is for misao1, then she goes, sacrifices her self to save the world and thus that purpose is lost. The terrible terrible irony of the light novel just perplexes the mind to no extent so I’m down for anime originals.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pacing has always been this show’s problem. But hey, Tomo’s finally acting like a man, so I can’t really complain all that much.

  • FlameStrike says:

    Maybe she didn’t have enough time? She was probably busy in the 1st 5 years trying to actually MAKE the Asura Machina in the first place. Also she had no idea when Tomo2 was actually going to come.

    • Niako says:

      First of all, what are you talking about? I think you were talking about Nia, but Misao from the 1st and 2nd world. Please dumb it down(just like Misao says) so I can understand what you mean by she(who) didn’t have enough time.

      Assuming that your talking about Nia, no she didn’t spend 5 years to create Asura Machina. In fact, she just made 21 Asura Machina after the accident at superstring gravity reactor in 1st Stage world. She wanted to grant Tomoharu 1st’s wish to save Misao and 1st Stage world from vanishing and that’s why she created Asura Machina in the first place, for Tomoharu.

      Out of 21 Asura Machina Nia created, Hagane was the strongest Asura Machina until Kurogane Kai was been made from adding Shirogane’s part to Kurogane(in Anime, more like fusing). Nia actually knew Tomoharu 2nd, Misao 2nd(or Kurogane), and Kanade 2nd would come to the 1st Stage world just like she did, but she just didn’t know when because they were both sucked into some kind of blackhole(I forgot what its called, sorry) created by Hagane. This was actually in Vol.11 or Vol.12 of light novel when Tomoharu asked Nia, did she expected him and others to come to the 1st Stage world, but never featured in Anime as it seems unnecessary so anime just dumb it down.

    • Niako says:

      I just realized, I think you were try to reply to zeeeek’s post, not mine. You just probably accident thought I write zeeeek’s post because my post was below his, probably.

  • Rockfest says:

    While Tomo was fighting the boss-daughter, anyone else notice that Taka was missing in that scene? Where earlier she was knocked down in front of him while defending the against the attack? Seven Arcs QUALITY!