11eyes #10 — Crazy For You

December 8th, 2009


This is the kind of Yuka I can get behind.


This actually ended up being probably one of the most entertaining episodes to date. Sure, we could have done without Shiori’s 8 minutes of exposition, random extra never-before-seen Kukkuri powers popping up for no reason and her fading away, and yet more Misuzu licking, but Yuka was at least two pineapples and a handful of bananas short of one Carmen Miranda hat. Her getting pissed at Kakeru for calling Misuzu more informally was trumped by dropping a razor blade into Misuzu tea, which was trumped by prancing around in her underwear out in the open. Ah yes, and then after Yuki-pon had her little piece pulled out, she went ahead and freed Lieselotte. Now we’re cooking with crazy.

Oh yeah, big shock there. Her name’s not Lisette. GASP. Come on, director. Of all the random things going on this episode and the last one, learning that someone you’ve met for all of five seconds has a slightly different name than you thought really isn’t that shocking. Otherwise, blah blah blah Transylvania, boytoy Verard killed, went crazy, is going to crash the moon into the world unless Kakeru can stop Majora’s Mask. Wait, no… Kakeru needs to kill Luna to stop the world’s destruction. Um… Voldemort? Anyway, evil witch trying to destroy the world, crazy, trapped by magic, freed by similarly crazy witch, although admittedly, it’s not clear if Yuka’s REALLY beyond the deep end (or being manipulated somehow), or if in she didn’t get the memo about "saving Lis is bad," while she was busy putting razors in people’s drinks. Assumably the former, but given how bad the direction in this show has been, I feel like I need to second guess myself.

I’m working on Rakkyo #07 here, but it’s 2 hours long, which is about as much sleep as I got last night, so… uh… it may be a while.


Kakeru licks Misuzu again.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Tensho says:

    Shiori is probably wrong about the death of Kukuri. I would say the Index lot deserve it since they could just draw the Emerald Tablet fragments out instead of killing.

  • Tensho says:

    1. This is not a spoiler since this episode is shown.
    2. I don’t know why I’m doing this. It’s just my personality but I’d like to explain more on the fragments.
    3. Aroduc, feel free to remove this if you don’t like it.

    If you have seen this episode, you know that the Kakeru’s gang powers come from the green stone inside Liselotte’s body.

    In the game, it is explained that the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus contained limitless amount of magical power and is only known to modern mages as legend. During the sixth dynasty of ancient Egypt, queen Nitocris broke the Tablet into 12 fragments.

    In the game, only 5 fragments have been disclosed so far.

    1. The Demonic Stone of Qliphoth or kyoumu no maseki, had absorbed dark magical power underground for 3000 years. It is this stone that gives Liselotte the title “Immortal Witch”.
    2. The Eye of Aeon, believed to be forged by Zoroaster.
    3. A fragment that appears in 3days, 11eyes spiritual prequel. Believed to be the purest one out of all other fragments that still retains the original property of the Tablet.
    4. The God’s Name Tablet of Johanna. The largest of all known fragment. Belong to Index.
    5. Balor. This fragment belong to one of the members of Thule Society, Goldvas Mercurius.

    Bonus, this game sceen correspond to the after credit of this episode.


  • Cosmos says:

    I really enjoyed this episode, especially with Boukyaku no Tsurugi playing at the beginning and the Sequentia lead in to the credits.

    Also, can someone explain what happened to Kukuri because I couldn’t understand everything that Shiori said.

    • Tensho says:

      It seems like the Kukuri that has been with them right now is created by Yuka. Shiori assumes that the real Kukuri is death in her world.