Kämpfer #09 — Evil Womän

November 26th, 2009


Oh good, some depth to the evil whore finally.


The first half of this episode was more or less just the usual fanservicey waste of time, but things actually really started to get moving in the second half, even though it’s a little difficult to tell where exactly they’re going. Sakura seems to be masterminding the White Kampfer attacks, but at the same time, there appears to be at least some degree of brain eating going on with Natsuru. I am, however, not ruling out bad writing as another possible suspect. I don’t think Natsuru would have been so KOed by Shizuku literally jamming her tongue down his throat as to be completely unaware of the significance of Sakura leading him out to be together with him and then getting rather friendly with him. Plus, the whole dead-eyes in the preview. At the same time, it’s also more than a little suspicious for the rest of the gang to let Sakura just walk out with their plaything.

The white Kampfers finally showed up en masse this week, but they immediately ran off as soon as it became an even fight, which doesn’t really bode well for them since the good guys still have four people in their team. Hopefully the next time somebody uses the ol’ "Shoot a fireball at a ceiling as a distraction," Shizuku will have learned to ignore it. She’s been beaten by it twice now. At least Akane has her terrible aim as an excuse, and Natsuru his abject lack of testosterone. She needs to stop staring at the ceiling… and leading with her tongue when she kisses for that matter.


 Fireworks, mindrape, and regular rape.

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mentar says:

    And here we go… let the games begin ^_^

  • Rei says:

    Please go in the direction I think it’s going. No cockblock.

  • Rawr says:

    Has this show always made use of ugly looking blob chibis? I don’t remember.

  • concon says:

    if u think about it… if sakura knows about the white kampfer wouldnt she be at least have the slightest intelligence to figure out that the girl-natsuru is actually the boy-natsuru??? or is she just into girls…

    • Honoo says:

      if u think about it… if sakura knows about the white kampfer wouldnt she be at least have the slightest intelligence to figure out that the girl-natsuru is actually the boy-natsuru??? or is she just into girls…

      or is she just into girls…

      You just answered your own question…

  • cutemi2 says:

    Sakura is such an antagonist mind, maybe she’s the moderator of the White Kampfers

  • DoubleA says:

    Why do i get the feeling that somebody will lose their virginity in the next episode hehehehehe :)

  • Maruku says:

    @concon – *Did you not see the last part of the episode? It’s kinda obvious that she knows male natsuru is female natsuru. There is no other reason for her to take the male natsuru out of the room. She ‘hates’ him. Moving on the ‘hating’ note, Sakura in my opinion, is planning another attack on Natsuru in episode 10 during the fireworks* Also, since episode 1, there has been this
    mind churning idea of Sakura actually being a Moderator. Following the facts up to and including this episode, it’s fair to assume Sakura is actually a moderator. Aroduc said it himself, “Sakura seems to be masterminding the White Kampfer attacks”. However, this anime WANTS it’s viewers to make hypothesis’ such as these. It’s a mind-game which keeps us entertained.

    ** My hypothesis

    @Aroduc – It’s not all too suspisious that the gang let Sakura take their ‘playtoy’. After all, the ‘crazy women’ is knocked out, Shizuka already had her fun and *most likely is planning something to what Sakura is doing* and the child hood friend character is such a moronic character that she probably wouldn’t notice Natsuru was gone until the fireworks started or at least until the ‘crazy women’ was conscious again.

    ** – More of my Hypothesis

  • Anonymous says:


    I think the “Crazy Woman” is supposed to be Mikoto.

  • Gin says:

    There have been rumours going around that Sakura actually might have been subtly extorting control over Natsuru from the start, which explains why he is extremely thick-headed about her.

  • How many of those women are aware that Our Hero is a gender bender?

  • GDLC says:

    @ Steven Den Beste

    As far as i can tell Shizuka, Mikoto, and Akane are the only ones that know she is he, that you can see, but like stated before Sakura might actually know of his being a she as well and she seems to be a psychic as well Sakura