Kämpfer #06 — Kissing Cousins

November 5th, 2009


Maybe just naked ones.


This school festival is never going to end, is it? Anyway, mostly a pretty fun episode, although the reveal of Mikoto as the new kampfer was a little needlessly drawn out. I was hoping there’d be a second one as well so that they weren’t just spending time on something revealed in the OP of episode 1. As always, the music was probably the highlight of this episode. Whatever other sins Nomad may be guilty of, bad soundtracks aren’t one of them. They really do have an almost uncanny grasp of how to integrate a lot of different styles at once.

The rest of the episode… eh. The second recycling of them turning the plot of the show into a story was painful at best, and Shizuku was an instigator at always. Mikoto seems content to push Natsuru towards Sakura while simultaneously wandering around his house in nothing but an apron, so… you know… a few conflicting signals there. It was also a little annoying towards the end to have them finally bring up Shizuku’s decision to not fight the Blue Kampfers, only to immediately distract Natsuru by pointing out that he abandoned Sakura. Maybe next week she’ll run out of ideas and just have to jangle some keys in order to distract him from the plot.

Natsuru dreams of finally getting his big kiss with Sakura, only for his dream to morph into tonsil hockey with Shizuku instead. Mikoto barges into his room with curry for breakfast wearing nothing but an apron.

Well, she didn’t have anything else to wear, so Natsuru hands her his shirt (I like where this is going). She immediately drops her apron (still like where it’s going) and then they cut to the two walking together to school… not cool, Nomad.

Annnnnyway. Akane lurks nearby and finally runs over to find out who the strange girl is.

After introductions, Mikoto scores a pair of critical hits by mentioning that they’re childhood friends and she brought him breakfast this morning. Akane retreats in shame. Mikoto then wants to know what the deal is with this female Natsuru person. Natsuru’s not saying, which makes her suspicious, but after she asks if he still likes Sakura, she quiets down. Natsuru’s bracelet starts reacting when she touches him though, so he also flees the scene.


He transforms and is then immediately ambushed by his lesbian pimps. The school festival’s not over yet, and they’re running a maid cafe, so into the particularly skimpy maid outfit he goes. He’s accosted by his guy friend, but his pimps spike the coffe with ex-lax. He then has a very special customer that he needs to attend to.


Shizuku demands personal treatment, but she actually wants to talk to him about a new Kampfer awakening. She’s not sure if it’s an ally or enemy yet though. They’re interrupted by Sakura showing up, and Shizuku goes into instigator mode.


She tells Sakura that Natsuru would be a great magical girl, with an animal companion… maybe… oh… I don’t know… those suicide animals for example. Sakura agrees and the tale eventually makes its way to a special service kiss from Natsuru. He can’t do it though, so Sakura settles for a date instead.


After a montage of them enjoying the festival, along with a mysterious white haired stalker following, the two go into a haunted ‘house’ thing. Natsuru’s attacked by random junk, but Sakura doesn’t notice at all.


Natsuru keeps dodging until he catches a glimpse of a red Kampfer bracelet and leaves Sakura to chase after them. The girl leaps out a window and Natsuru follows her outside where she attacks him, yelling all the while about how "Girl-Natsuru’s" getting in the way of "Boy-Natsuru" with Sakura.


Natsuru thinks that he knows who it is, but just stammers until she corners him. Luckily, Akane leaps to his aid, and then drops him from a tree to get a better grip on her pistol. Good choice, Akane. They attack each other a couple times, but Natsuru tosses a fireball between them and yells at Mikoto to stop. She’s stunned that Natsuru knows her name, and Shizuku follows up on it by wrapping the girl in chains. She tells them all to release their transformations.


Akane powers down, and starts looking for her ‘missing’ glasses, and Natsuru somehow manages to power down, but remains in his maid dress. The sight’s too much for Mikoto.

Later, they all get together with their stuffed animals and explain the situation. Mikoto’s now convinced that Natsuru has awakened as a pervert. That does remind Natsuru that Shizuku doesn’t want to fight them despite technically being an enemy, but she distracts him by pointing out that Sakura’s been looking for him. He rushes off and finds her on the roof. She says that she’s feeling super whorey today. Or something like that. 


Natsuru really does begin cross dressing, and Shizuku and Akane play makeout games at Sakura’s house. Hot.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Lero says:

    HAhahaha lol
    I wonder what kind of extras will be inluded in this series XD.

  • wilson191 says:

    lolololol..nice ep

  • Mentar says:

    Mikoto trying to push Natsuru in Sakura’s direction? Where did you get THAT misconception from? ^_^;

    Nope, she’s glad that he’s still in the “admire Sakura from afar” mode, because she’s convinced that he’s got the chance of an ice cube in hell. And this way, he’s still free for her to claim (Mikoto has serious intentions on him)

    Oh, and the last line of Sakura was much more interesting than what you listed ;) … as compensation for being stood up during the day, she wants Natsuru to accompany her home – and stay for the night.

    • Aroduc says:

      *shrug* She didn’t seem to care about Akane at all, and went after Girlsuru in the middle of her love-love date with her apparent rival. I’m open to the idea that she’s just not particularly bright as well though.

  • antonio says:

    and other violent and bloody fight.

  • クレナイユメ says:

    Ah, Natsuru…

    He’s really indecisive, isn’t she?

  • Nanaya says:

    Hah, I’d consider it a major plot twist if something HAD happened in between the apron dropping and them walking to school. Material for the DVDs, I guess…

    About the preview, I bet that jumping between male and female that much would start to really screw with your self-perception (the capacity to adapt without really noticing is an amazing thing) >_>

  • Celestial says:

    when are you going to get better screen shoots

    kini naru..

  • Kasha says:

    lo! This is by far, the best anime out of the fall 09 bunch and I adore the Entrails animals and will definately buy them when they are available. <3

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