Asura Cryin’ #22 — Fish Cavalry

November 26th, 2009


Beware Japan’s newest military technology.


Another pretty quiet episode, and things certainly weren’t really helped by them completely downplaying Tomo displaying his demonic power for the first time in summoning the dark… uh… gigas thingy. The first half was more or less more of "Tomo putzes around world1 and meets all the parallel people and the fish they ride on" until Nia dragged him off for some exposition about the world dying. Despite it being pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things, An did look rather adorable as she was trying to get Tomo to give her an answer about going to the Christmas party with her. Poor An never gets a break. A shame that Seven Arcs couldn’t even consistently color her hairband right either.

There was a lot of minor stuff that did annoy me in this episode though. I’m not sure if I somehow completely missed it, or if they retconned it in via flashback, but Tomo apparently told Takatsuki he liked her as the beastie crashed into the backyard last week. I also didn’t like Aki handing over her pretty pretty jewelry to Tomoharu either. Given that the main badguy at the moment is obsessed with her, it’s just a tad obvious where that is going to lead. Nia’s breakdown over Tomo1 and subsequent recovery as they went into the Asura facility also seemed a bit too sudden for my tastes. They literally had to explain why she was sad while she was in the middle of crying about it. I get that she was lonely and all, but this was more of a sob scene from her than even when her sister died.

Overall though, it was still decent enough. They definitely could have done a much better job with Tomo’s demon scene though, and most of the first half could have probably been cut. I almost feel like the preview for next week had more going on in it than most of the rest of this episode.


More Naotakas, and Takatsuki gets her groove back.

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  • kiryuu says:

    Tomo’s “daughter” = Salamander if the wikipedia stuff is accurate… may as well use the show terminology. heh.

  • Rockfest says:

    So Tomo2 gains demon powers due to the fact that he transferred over to the 1st world. So why did Taka2 lose her powers while Nia seems to be using her powers without any signs of disappearing?

    It was nice to see how things could’ve been or in this case, how things originally were, seeing everyone again. You’d think that people would notice a giant gaping hole in their backyard or something. Way to be anti-climatic Misao2 showing up all randomly.

    And so the time paradox is complete, Nia was the cause of everything… Only one more thing left to explain, then onto the climatic final battle in the 2nd world.

  • Lero says:
    hahaha Kumasawa young days.

    Poor Naotaka my friends believes that both Naotaka1 and 2 are dead XD.

  • Niako says:

    Name of the Tomoharu and Kanade’s daughter is Persephone, it’s form is salamander.

    By the way, the thing Tomoharu summoned using his ability as demon isn’t Tomoharu and Kanade’s daughter, it’s Yami no Kyoujin or Colossus of darkness.

    Both Naotaka didn’t die.
    1st Stage world’s Naotaka is alive as shown in preview.
    But there’s major difference between Light Novel and Anime regarding Naotaka 1st that is… I should stop here.

    I could explain why Kanade lose her ability as demon in the 1st Stage world but from the preview of episode 22 I seen, things are lot different from Vol.12 of light novel so I shouldn’t say anything yet for now(I mean I could tell you but it could be different in Anime).

    One thing to keep in mind is most of people already realized lot of things are missing, different in Anime, but watching preview of episode 22 now I know things are whole lot different.

    I can’t say this for sure but from watching preview of episode 22, maybe from episode 22 the anime is heading toward its original ending which is good because light novel ending sucked(Story ends before the conclusion plus epilogue shows future story which is dejaview of the 1st volume of light novel or first episode but features different cast).

    • Lero says:

      Oh! the novels ending(puttinngs aside the epilogue) really sucked??
      The story ending before the conclusion? I don’t get it, what happened with Tomo, Kanade and Misao of the 2nd stage world stage? Really they dissapeared in the battle like the wiki says?
      I want to know more about the novels. Do you have an account in animesuki to talk preventing any spoilers to the readers of this blog?

      • Niako says:

        Yeah, light novel ending really suck and what I meant by story ends before the conclusion is story ends right before the final battle and major characters gone missing afterwards but we don’t get to know what happened during the final battle and how it ended.

        Vol.13 of light novel is more like preview of the second season of the light novel(if there will be any) than a ending.

        Epilogue is exactly same as beginning of the series with a different cast. Kazuha(Tomoharu’s younger step sister) moves to Meiou-tei just like when Tomoharu moved to Meiou-tei and she received silver trunk just like how Tomoharu did.

        ~Cast chagined~

        Main Character:
        Natsume Tomoharu => Sonomiya Kazuha

        Minakami Misao => Saika

        Brother who studies abored/or gone missing:
        Natsume Naotaka => Natsume Tomoharu

        Mysterious girl who hand out silver trunk to the main character:
        Kurosaki Shuri(Yukari) => Unknown(possibly Takatsuki Kanade due to mention of the extremely large breast and hair color)

        Ever since end of the vol.12 I felt they were rushing things a bit but vol.13 was a disaster.
        Vol.13 should be conclusion unless new series come out, it is possible author may continue the series even though it already ended like Maria-sama ga miteru, even if official title with vol.14 came out, story won’t be same. It won’t cover the epic final battle and it will be like reading a vol.1 with different cast on it.

      • Niako says:

        I forgot to add this but I’ll tell you what I think happened during the final battle(so my speculation).

        First of all I think the 1st Stage world is saved from the hizaika because they got rid of central vortex to block the travel between other worlds, in other word they closed the gate that caused destruction of the 1st Stage world.

        2nd Stage world, Tomoharu and others probably fail to defeat the Deus ex Machina, because apprantly Asura Machina still exist(probably demons too). Destroying Deus ex Machina should get rid of all the unrealistic things in the world such as Asura Machina and demons, but from epilouge of vol.13, we know Asura Machina still exist because mysterious girl handed silver trunk to Kazuha probably meaning Asura Machina still exist, plus Saika’s existance as a shaeitai. If Tomoharu and others successfully defeated Deus ex Machina, all the illegular things including shaeitai should be disappear from the 2nd Stage world.

        Even though Tomoharu failed saving his own world, he helped saving 1st Stage world and stop Tokiya from creating the 3rd Stage world so I give him huge credit.

        By the way as I mentioned earlier story in Anime probably gonna head to different direction than Anime.

        As I said before, up till episode 22 even though some stuff was omitted(even major ones) anime followed story of light novel but preview for 23 was different, I didn’t really recognise anything at all.

        Oh yeah and no I don’t have account in Animesuki.

        It’s not even a spoiler anymore, story will be different from episode 23, it’s heading toward the anime original story.

        I mean look at Naotaka, Naotaka in the vol.12 of light novel to Naotaka from preview of the episode 23…

        I don’t know what’s gonna happen nor what’s going on, without the Tamao(Misao 1st) how there going to destroy the central vortex?

        From the moment Tamao was missing from the Anime, I predict anime may have it’s original ending but I guess my guess come true, who knows maybe they tweak a bit and story maybe still same as light novel, I’ll tell you in a week after watching episode 23, but my opinion now, Anime will have different ending than light novel and I kinda hope it does.

  • Lauren says:

    Takatsuki can go die.

  • DmonHiro says:

    You need fucking NOTES to watch this anime :D

  • ubu roi says:

    It _is_ sort of like Code Geass in that respect. Minus the fun “WTF???” factor every five minutes, that is.

  • iRathiest says:

    I predict that the anime will change things to create a ‘happy’ ending, unlike the light novels.

    In the light novels, it is only speculated that the Asura Cryin’ trio all died trying to fight against the Deus ex Machina. Speculated. Takatsuki appears to be alive, but for all we know this could – I repeat, COULD – be the 3rd world. Sure, the creation of it was stopped, but then why is there a gate for it in the first place?

    If Vol. 13 is the conclusion of the Asura Cryin’ series, then maybe it would be better off considering the anime’s ending as the ‘real’ one. The author probably either ran out of ideas, wanted a major cliffhanger for a new volume, had to stop because of job issues, or was just plain retarded. I pray it isn’t the last option.

    First time I heard Takatsuki introduce her and Tomoharu’s Daughter, I swear I heard ‘Pheromones’.

    If you want a total “WTF??” moment, watch the episode where literally all the supporting characters either get their asses handed to them, killed, or betray the main cast. Or just wait until they somehow all revive or turn good again…just like in almost every other anime…oh, and Ania doesn’t count. She’s pretty much the fourth in the trio already…

    I’m pretty sure there’s already a post like this for episodes 23 and 24, but whatever. I’ll look for those and comment on those comments after I post this.

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