Asura Cryin’ #21 — Otherworlds

November 19th, 2009


Yeah, even less interesting than expected.


A very boring episode, but I can forgive it. Most of the point it seemed to be making was "The world would be better if Aki was alive" outside of the black hole that is slowly eradicating the world. There was a nice little moment between Tomo and Takatsuki where he hugged her and told her that it was his turn to protect her since she’s lost her powers, but since he can’t call Kurogane, I’m not entirely certain how he’s any better than her. At least she’s trained in some form of martial arts. All he can do is yell at his robot-girlfriend.

Outside from that, the only other big thing of note was Nia1 ending up being Nia2 who was timeshifted an extra five years. I’m not entirely certain why she didn’t do something to stop the LHC from doing whatever it did, but maybe predestination paradoxes are stronger than I think. Or Tokiya2’s lurking around somewhere getting in her way, though you’d think that the Aki here would be exactly what he wanted. Maybe he popped in and immediately caused the LHC to go berserk or something… who knows. The other side of Nia’s stuff is that everybody thinks that he’s Nia’s boyfriend for some reason. Aside from that and road warrior Aki, about the only other interesting thing about this episode that I can think of is that Tohru1 has part of the ex-Handler mark carved on her back. I’ll be damned if I have any clue what that means though.

So yeah… 20 minutes of Tomo going "this world’s different, yo" and about 2 minutes of interest. Ah well. They couldn’t hold up the rush of the last couple weeks forever. Hopefully they’ll either get back to it next week, or at least finally get around to Tomo and Kanade making out while Misao’s MIA. I imagine Seven Arcs is probably going to be smited for that Nun Cafe anyway.



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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Silver says:

    Now if only Tomoharu has that same personality as Tomoharu1. It was sad seeing him die off because I actually rather liked his personality. Hopefully Tomoharu1 grows up to be something like that but that’s doubtful.

    But wow, Tohru and Nia sure seems different.

  • Rockfest says:

    Looks like 5 years really did make a difference. Time paradox coupled with a dimensional shift, geez, way to make things a bigger headache.

  • anime sukcs says:
    This shit is disgusting and offensive.

  • Niako says:

    Light Novel has been ended as of Vol.13 so Anime will probably end in this season as well.

    One of the core characters Tamao does not make an appearance in the Anime so Anime might have different “better” ending than an original Light Novel(which I hope since Light Novel’s ending was shitty).

  • Anonymous says:

    wow vol13 is probably some super hard trolling.. anyway hope the anime will have a better ending.

  • nomnomnom says:

    man… i wish scared peeps can stop knocking the lhc.