Asura Cryin’ #20 — Burial Dolls

November 11th, 2009


Good lord, these last couple episodes have been intense.


Let’s start with the bad. The art and animation was again rather dodgy, and certainly nowhere near as impressive as last week. They also fell back into their bad habit of spewing exposition and technobabble out for three or four minutes at a time. I guess now that almost every major thing was wrapped up, they felt the need to add some completely unneeded confusion out of spite. My eyes pretty much glazed over through all those parts. Yes, yes. Jargon. Magic machines and magic people combining to be extra magical. Limitless power. Remaking the world. Supervillain Speech #8. Got it.

On to the good. Another bloody intense episode. Three corpses, two good guy betrayals, and one person with a 6 foot sword sticking out of them, and most of the cast thrown into the dying first world (at least from the previews). Tokiya’s the ringleader of the baddies now as some kind of even more overpowered Asura Cryin with Hagane under his beck and call, and while I’m not completely sold on Tohru being with him out of simple affection yet, I’m sure we’ll get to see that she went extra crazy at some point between then and now. Tokiya’s… eh… I’m sure he’ll be explained a little more in the future too, but he’s definitely a couple shades more crazy than Kagakagari ever was, so maybe they’ll manage to finish everything off this season after all. At least we’ve got a villain again and he did it by stepping over the corpses of others and sacrificing his woman. Finally, evil that we can all get behind.


Crisis in Infinite Japans.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Lero says:

    Holy shit! As expected, this chapter was awesome!… sorry for Tomo1 and Kanade1 :(

  • Rei says:

    omg i knew Picasso Mask was Tohru :O

  • MA says:

    OMG How i can not realized Picaso Mask was tohru
    Great Episode

  • gummi says:

    I already know Tokiya´s reason for doing this :P its so obvious :D Im talking about any spoiler or something like that, its just a theory.

    Tokiya´s reason for betrayal is love, he is really still in love with the reason why Tooru is helping is guilt.

  • kenuran says:

    Ive never seen an anime pick up the slack so much for two episodes after so much mediocrity for the 5 episodes before it like this anime just did. Best episode so far. (I think that this will end up as the best episode for the entire series)

    Now if only Ania died too…

  • jas says:

    Wtf. This anime turned from being Lucky star like to fucking Gantz in 5 min. Worst episode ever; so many unecessary killings. Unecessary because it won’t further enhance the plot, now they have to work with new characters near season end, all the character build ups with shuri’s side of the story gone and on top of that Ania is alive. Of all the characters to kill off, Ania should be the one to die because her arc ended a few episodes ago. Pointless character to be kept alive.

  • Lero says:

    Why kill Nia? Her sister is already dead, she has to deal with that her whole life..
    Looks like she or her other self is going to have a rol the next chapter

  • The Phantom says:

    Rocks fall! everyone dies!! Seriosuly WTF? Never expected Asura cryin to turn out like this, after this episode I dont know what to expect from this show anymore, I have the feeling that nobody will survive and the black hole will suck up the world. Also WTF Toru backstabbing bitch never expected her to do that, never expected both shirogane and tomo’s hagane to fall so quickly either, and wow that president is seriously crazy, heck if this continue even misao or takatsuki may be next on the dead list.

  • Nyako says:

    That was way too fast.

    I guessed from opening but I guess season 2 covers up to event of vol.12 of light novel, if it goes on this pace.(or maybe even soon be out vol.13)

  • Void says:

    Well wow they only needed one episode to cut the cast in half- impressive. Oh and I guess Tomo is a demon now, seeing as he’s now in a different world. With the way this series picked up the pace now it’ll be really hard for them to keep it up till the end.

  • Meyers07 says:

    It’s Asura Modern Cryin’ Warfare 2!