11eyes #07 — Groping Is Not the Answer

November 17th, 2009


But nice try, Yukiko.


Well, the entire time was spent in the red world, so that much was good, but Yuka’s angst was painful. It was even worse that they tried to contrast it against Yukiko’s past. "Your boyfriend doesn’t love you" is not an apt comparison to "I’m a soulless immortal killing machine." Let’s keep some bloody perspective here. The attempt at a cliffhanger at the end also made me physically bounce my head off the desk. I know I complained previously about Kakeru just suddenly accepting Kukuri and not sparing a second thought to the whole stalking-thing or looking exactly like his sister, but it bears repeating. Come on. At least stick to a common plot thread once you’ve settled on one.

As for the rest, the most interesting thing happening was one of the knights trying to assassinate Loli-In-A-Boxtm and getting offed by its allies. We got to see what’s inside that armor, and it’s a little creepy in its own right and explains why knives to the forehead don’t do much damage, but regardless, they’ve still done a horrible job making the Knights seem like anything more than generic mooks. Hell, they sit around in the red world all day, and then when people actually show up, they just go at them one at a time.

Oh yeah, and Yuka used her large-scale Hands of Glory Imagine Breaker finally. Might be important, maybe. Who knows. Who even cares about her anymore?


Cut yourself, emo girl.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Suzaku says:

    It says “How is Yuka’s condition/health?” or you can translate it to “How is Yuka doing?”

    • Aroduc says:

      More or less. That’s not why he freaked out. He suddenly realized it was the same sketchbook they found on the floor back at the end of episode 2 or 3. Or just remembered whatever was written there. I’ve forgotten which already. Regardless, it was stupid.

  • クレナイユメ says:

    And it finally overtook my progress in the game.

    Loli-in-a-box… Sounds like an idea.

  • Tensho says:

    I think Kakeru simply want to protect Yuka because she has been keeping him alive spiritually. I don’t think he loves her or anything like that. And Yeahhhhhh hoohh, finally some Shiori actions.

  • DoubleA says:

    wooohooo that is what the show need ….emo girl

    “Give me back my Kakeru” :)

  • The Phantom says:

    That yuka girl is so lame, Kakeru should get rid of her and settle it with Misuzu.