Asura Cryin’ #18 — Profound Questions

October 29th, 2009


"Why isn’t Takatsuki wearing panties?"


Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about this episode. It was terrible in just about every possible way. I don’t even know the physics involved in Takatsuki and Tomo even conceivably engaging in any kind of funny business while glued to each other. They’re stuck shoulder to shoulder. That’s not exactly one of the foremost positions of the karma sutra. I also don’t think they’d be able to rip off a chunk of skin from at least one of their ankles without one of the others noticing. Tomo was at least only mildly mentally handicapped this episode compared to Takatsuki. Honestly. "I want to take a shower while glued to some guy." How did she even get her underwear off? Was she not wearing any? How’d she get those pajama pants on? These are not the questions that the audience should be asking themselves. I guess he can still step behind her, but that would force her to cross her legs and still prevent access to any naughty bits.

Oh yeah, and it appears like my assumption earlier was right. Naotaka’s already dead in the 2nd world (my money’s on the plane since that seems to be the hub of everything), which makes 1st world Tomo all but certainly ‘Naotaka,’ not that there was much doubt after the last couple episodes. I wish they’d just get the reveal done and over with though. Or maybe next week will begin with Tomo going "Yeah, well, Natsume and Naotaka are pretty common names. Kinda weird though," before wandering off to glue himself to Ania.

Brief Summary:

Takatsuki’s family is being targetted by EVIL NINJAS. At school, Tomo’s forced to practice the three-legged race with Takatsuki. She ties their legs together too tightly and then someone dumps glue on them. After random silliness for the rest of the day, Tomo’s bright enough to reject taking a shower for the day, but Takatsuki’s not quite as bright. That night, neither can sleep so end up going out to the porch where Takatsuki tells him that male demons like her father consume memories instead of love when they use their powers. The next day, Takatsuki drags Tomo along (still glued) to her mother’s grave. They find the entire Takatsuki clan there. The ninjas attack again, but Takatsuki chases them off (burning her and Tomo apart in the process) and shares a happy moment with her father. As they’re leaving, Tomo sees the phoenix woman and chases after her only to find the grave of Naotaka Natsume.


Oh? Are these characters in the show too?

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Lero says:

    A scisor can make the thing easier.
    Reversal rape, lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    The pajama pants look just like the ones from her PE uniform.

    She must have just dropped them to her ankle along with her underwear.