Asura Cryin’ #17 — Body Count

October 22nd, 2009


It’s a big one this week.


I’m not certain what it was about this one, but I really liked it. I’m guessing that it was Tomo finally growing up and getting all the Burial Doll and demon stuff out in the open as well as Kagakagari’s entire family getting killed, along with Kyoumu’s Asura Machine. Not that I haven’t anything in particular against Kagakagari, but it’s always nice when these battles for life and death between major characters actually end up in death instead of an endless string of narrow escapes just so they can menace everybody again. I have no pity for Captain Crazy(No)Pants though. What ever happened to that other girl with an Asura Machine in their faction anyway?

It is, however, a little worrying that the show killed off just about every single one of its antagonists in one episode. Maybe You can go back to hunting some punks down, or they can actually have the Phoenix girl actually menace the gang instead of repeatedly flying off. Next week looks like Mafia vs Ninjas at the school athletic meet though so… uh… I’m not entirely certain what the hell that means.

Tomoharu thinks he sees Naotaka before passing out. Kyomu assumes that it’s Kagakagari, but whoever it is teleports away.

Tomo wakes up in Takatsuki’s lap with Christina and Kagakagari having curry, however, he denies saving them, he’s just currently taking care of him. They reveal to the gang that Christina’s at death’s door from the affliction of her powers. It’s the natural price for them.

Misao realizes that the price for power may be why Tomo’s been freaking out about her and Kurogane lately, and reveals that she kind of always knew that it was eating away at her soul. However, it hurts her even more to see Tomo get hurt. Kagakagari and his Burial Doll reveal that they’re looking for the BD Releaser to free her.

Elsewhere, Ania’s being carted around by Kyoumu. She manages to gnaw away his luck, resulting in his pants falling down.

The gang finds a capsule surrounded by a barrier. Kagakagari uses Rhodonite and Ingrid’s combined powers to break it, but it’s another Trunk. They’re ambushed by Kyoumu’s gang’s bots and Christina collapses. She’s practically dead at this point.

Misao begs Tomo to try to help her, but he’s just getting more horrified as Christina begins fading in front of his eyes. Kyoumu et all finally show up en masse and begin attacking an exhausted Kagakagari.

He’s forced to unsummon Rhodonite and can’t even use its timestop chains because Kyoumu’s holding Ania hostage. Christina suddenly runs out and drains all the luck away from the mech holding her and then collapses, her knees shattering as they hit the ground.

Kyoumu tries to command the mech to finish her, but it doesn’t move. Tomo and Takatsuki rush out and free Ania, letting the luckless mech fall on top of Kyoumu. Christina manages to say goodbye to Ania before she dies, and with her, fades Ingrid as well.

Kyoumu’s really pissed off now and summons Bismuth. Kotori looks into Kagakagari’s eyes, and then fades to summon Rhondonite again. She blocks Bismuth’s attack, but is dragged out and her hand torn off. Bismuth goes for the kill, but Tomo is standing in the way. Misao holds his hand and says that it’ll be okay.

Tomo finally summons Kurogane and grabs Bismuth’s drill head on. Kyoumu laughs and taunts Tomo, but Kurogane manages to stop the drill and then crushes it before sending a gravitic wave through it, obliterating its arm and badly damaging it. Tomo tells Kyoumu that it’s over and to stand down or his Burial Doll will die.

Kyoumu ratchets up the crazy a couple notches and rants about how he doesn’t care about that thing at all. He sudden clutches his chest. The Burial Doll’s been stabbed, and then Bismuth is sliced in half. The White Phoenix girl stands above the wreck, greet Tomo, and then takes the Trunk and flies off.

Afterwards, Rhondonite is motionless and Kagakagari has lost everything.

The gang leaves the facility and meets up with Shuuri outside. Kagakagari left Nia with a DVD containing all the research that Christina did. Tomo and Takatsuki cheer Nia up and remind her that they’re with her still.


School festival and Takatsuki’s shotgun wedding.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nanaya says:

    If only that scene could be as funny/awkward as it looks in this preview. We all know that won’t happen though. Curse you, imagination!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Damn it, I spent a whole week waiting for Naotaka to crush the GD and this is all I get? Meh.

    I guess I’ll go back to hoping for a harem end.

  • The Phantom says:

    Awesome episode, I am starting to get this feeling that Misao isn’t goin to live to see the end of this season, I dunno why but I have this hunch that she will not survive to see the end of this.

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