Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei #11 — Colorful Boredom

September 12th, 2009


At least it had Rin.


Well, given the Bakemonogatari fiasco this week, I was expecting the worst here, but thankfully, it was more or less about the same as always… which, granted, is still about three tiers lower than previous seasons, but at least it’s not in flames yet. It was rather heartwarming to watch the message boards light up with rage though.

Annnnnnnnnyway, pretty much the same as most of this season. A mostly decent episode with a pretty horrible tertiary segment crammed in. To shake things up, they threw the short segment in as part 2 this time instead of part 3. It didn’t even have a real theme… or even have Itoshiki or Kafuka in it for that matter. How do you even have this show without either of them? Bleh. There were a few good jokes scattered here and there, but aside from another journey for Itoshiki into the arms of another man, nothing that really struck me as particularly noteworthy.

Part 1 covered the image changing effects of colored sunglasses. I’m also pretty sure that a Dragonball scouter does not count as a pair of sunglasses. If I had to pick a theme for the second part, it’d be boredom, but it was about 95% Nami whining about how she was bored and Rin destroying houses for a change of pace or to make a direct path to the ramen shop. That’s seriously all it was. The final part was a little more back on target on the techniques of pandering or maybe appeal or luring a reaction would be better terms, with people doing the cheerleader high-kick/panty flash whenever they did it, and whether or not it was just a friendly service. At least Koyasu got to show up for the first time in a long while. That said, he should never be allowed to come within a mile’s radius of the "Draw Itoshiki" portion ever again.


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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kaisos says:

    They finally did the glasses chapter… that was my favorite in the manga.

  • Eirias says:

    So, Aroduc, how is Barrel?

    • Aroduc says:

      Mostly enjoyable, moreso since I flipped the difficulty switched to Hard. I think I’d edge with MK1 though. Much better cast and the story is a lot more varied. Almost every chapter has been “…and then Flay releases a monster as a test.” I initiated a moratorium on playing unless I translated at least 30k for the day, so that’s been slowing things down greatly, but I’m all but done with Raze’s side and getting geared up to give Ulrika’s a shot.

  • BaconMushroomMelt says:

    I still think it’s as good as the previous seasons.

    • Aroduc says:

      I think your mom!

      I think the thing that really makes it stand out against season 2 is that there has only been one segment of one episode that was really off the walls crazy. The second season had the segment done in gibberish with subtitles, one done with all the voice actors switching characters, the one done in rapidly rotating styles, the 60s Japanese detective film parody, the segment with the drama ticker, the channel surfing episode, etc.

      There’s almost nothing in this season so far that I’d call memorable in the slightest. Still moderately entertaining, but it feels like they’re completely phoning it in at this point.

      • Defectron says:

        I liked the 2nd season the best, but I’ve enjoyed this one about as much as the first season so far anyway.

  • BaconMushroomMelt says:

    Maybe you’re just getting a bit tired of it’s antics, the show not being as fresh as it was before. Most people still love it. All of your posts so far could make someone think you were blogging show you actually weren’t enjoying.

  • OverMaster says:

    Relax, just a couple episodes more and you can stop whining about it. :P