Tears to Tiara #24 — The Immutable Law of TtT

September 14th, 2009


Budget spent is inversely related to importance of scene.


Like always, the more irrevelant the fight, the better a job that White Fox does animating it. Since this episode featured a pair of elves against golems, a pair of humans against… more golems, a couple more humans against a fat zombie, and a dragon versus a large rock, they poured on the budget and did a great job with the action. Seriously. A dragon versus a rock. "No! Don’t do it. It’s too dangerous! It’s a rock!" Could that possibly been have any more painfully fabricated? I’m not sure if it would have been better if Ogam had died from the effort. It would’ve certainly gone down as one of the most pathetic anime deaths of all time instead of just about three minutes of really time filling inane nonsense. I am curious why Riannon never used her magical teleporting ability sooner too. It could have been useful, if… I don’t know… say someone was throwing rocks at your castle, or you needed to drop a boulder on a battering ram.

So, all in all, we’ve advanced about two minutes from where we were at the start of episode 23. And now they’re about to fight a still as of yet unnamed angel… one of eleven, but I’m sure that once they deal with this one, the others will… I don’t know, respect the strength of Arthur’s will and send them a commemorative gift basket. Why even bother getting the other ten involved anyway? It’s not like they’re up against another angel, an ancient dragon, and a pair of swords forged to be able to kill angels. I’m sure one angel and his giant evil rock are more than enough to handle that. The big reveal that the emperor was long since dead might have had a little more impact if the angels hadn’t nuked the entire senate two months ago. Oh, and he killed the old ruler in addition to overthrowing the entire ruling class? SHOCK. Who could have ever guessed that?


Final boss battle: round 1.

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One Lonely Comment

  • DK says:

    So Dr. Water Closet turns into a gigantic, fleshy dick monster that gets killed within a minute, and the Londinium guy gets ARROW’d and slashed to death. Kinda sad for latter, he seemed like a jovial ol’ chap…

    But seriously, they could’ve replaced the old fat guy with Gaius and the old skinny guy with Lydia. At least they have A LOT more in common with their sworn enemy – Gaius wants to be a king like Arthur will be in the future, and Lydia and Octavia are best friends/rivals. Just add those cool, black “Undead” eyes and we’re good to go!

    Also lol’d at the sight of an old fat guy floating around like a beach ball.