Manageable Modern Magic #10 — Sad Mages In Rain

September 12th, 2009


I like how they just dropped everything concerning the crazy mage trying to revive an ancient evil and wandered off.


Totally unabashed time filler adding next to nothing while everybody goes running around looking for Misa. It got particularly bad when Koyomi badly explained to Kaho the plot of the episode, and then Kaho parsed it and repeated the plot. At least Kaho finally made herself useful, and apparently has the ability to hack into most of Japan, although to do what exactly wasn’t entirely clear. Probably another instantiation of Misa’s worm which is what brought her back at the end.

It was already obvious that she wasn’t dead, but having to sit through an entire episode of Yumiko moping over her, and Soushirou remembering how much he likes his crazy curry hoarding sister in between mocking the idiot was a bit much. No corpse, no death, to say nothing of having your magic amulet teleport your wounded body away. However, the animation was a notch or two better this episode. On the other hand, I don’t even want to contemplate why that may have been. Who would seriously decide to skimp on animation for a dramatic fight, just to overanimate some wind blowing?


Sleepy mages in dress shirts.

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