Incomprehensible Modern Magic #11 — Deus Ex Magica

September 19th, 2009


No! Bad writers! Stop that!


Ugh. I have a hard time taking the REVIVAL OF THE ANCIENT EVIL MAGE particularly seriously when there’s not one, but two mage killers standing about 15 feet away. Aside from Koyomi’s ability to nullify any spell, we also now have Soushirou, who is apparently the final solution to mages and immune to all magic. If they were smart, they’d just explode something near him and be done with it, but these guys are not exactly the brightest bunch around. At least GG was smart enough to fake his death, although Yumiko taking a time-out from the battle to answer her cell phone was pretty much Darwin Award calibur stupidity. "Oh hey, there’s this crazed maniac with a sword that can explode things with his mind 20 feet away, but no, I’m not busy. WHAT UP, GIRLFRIEND?"

The pacing this episode was laborious to say the least. More and more, Nomad is convincing me that they’re just shunting what could have been the budget for this show into Kampfer next season instead. The conversation at the start was painful. Remembering that Soushiro can’t see or hear Misa, you have to swallow that he’s just completely ignoring giant 5 second gaps in the conversation as well as Yumiko staring over his shoulder. Yet more evidence that he’s brain damaged I guess. Furthermore, about 8 minutes into the episode, we were still playing "Misa’s ghost has to prove that she’s real." I don’t really know what Soushiro losing Misa’s amulet is supposed to mean either, but I assume that it’s meant to be important for some reason. Or maybe they just wanted to make sure we saw that she lost it so that the real Misa can pick it up later for her dramatic entrance. Lord knows that he hasn’t needed it for anything. Mostly though, I fear the exposition next episode as to how or why they managed to get Digitalis inside of Yumiko in the first place, as well as the explaination of whatever strange trick Misa has pulled here in creating a ghost of herself.

Oh right, and JJ is still convinced that Koyomi is Misa. And Kaho was somehow able to see two ghost scripts casting at each other. *sigh*


Who knows. Maybe they won’t bother to explain anything and we’ll just get some decent action out of it.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dr_Tenma says:

    I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.

  • Nanaya says:

    How is her shirt not ripped after being stabbed through?

  • Anonymous says:

    Dumbledore? Now it makes sense.