GA Art Design Class #11 — Crozy Crepes

September 14th, 2009




A decent episode, I suppose, but I still don’t find the others in the club all that amusing. At least they were doing something that could have maybe been mistaken for art this week, although they’re all kind of terrible at it. Awararara got it into her head to write a children’ fairy tale and roped the rest of them into it, eventually grabbing Kisaragi too because Awara’s initial protagonist reminded her of Kisaragi. I did like Awara picturing herself as a princess, and the others pointing out that she was more like a character from Sayuki or similar.

When we got back to the real central cast, things picked up at least a little bit. I particularly enjoyed Noda stamping Tomokane and then ending up with "Confidential" stamped on her head for the next few minutes. Not that the other choices weren’t good too, but the contents of Noda’s head are probably best left unknown. There wasn’t really too much intelligent art this episode either. Namiko and Kisaragi looked at some sketch paper, and Kisaragi imagined one of the crazy art drawers as a mecha, but not too much else really stood out this week. I’m not certain Prof even had more than five lines. She was probably responsible for Kisaragi’s sketched cat breeding anyway. On those lines, I don’t even think I want to contemplate why someone might have sketched "NICE TRAP" onto an easle.


Food, glorious food.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nanaya says:

    “Nice Trap” *right* next to one of those love umbrella markings. I don’t even want to think about the backstory to that one.

  • Aexellion says:

    Is your Galaxy Angel translation still running or are you working on the translation wiki instead?

  • Aexellion says:

    Hexenkessel? Sounds German!

  • Celestial says:

    Story art is best done with STEADTLER MARS LUMOGRAPH
    and fancy fades

    Deviant Art is gonna sue:


    Noda says HEY with cute hair