Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! #11 — Plug’s Panty Ploy

September 2nd, 2009


There’s a sexual harassment suit to be made somewhere here.


Well, the first half of the episode was pretty silly, but I really did like the second half and Aya Hirano finally got some use of that irritating harpy shriek that she calls a voice by matching it up with what’s meant to be a whiny and immature character. Both Kaori and Ayahi (Plug and Arresta) did a great job with the vocals when they discovered Sentou’s mindblank and that he can no longer see or interact with them. The instrumental OP was actually used to good effect (finally) in that scene too.

As for the rest, everything is proceeding pretty much exactly as I expected, so it’s hard to get all that excited. The girl’s just ignorant and sees people as toys, and Plug feels sorry for her. Gee, I wonder what Plug’s flying off to do exactly. I am hopeful that Sentou will snap out of his funk on his own (or with Hakone and Iono’s help) and actually play a part in the ending, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he just gets a magic hug or accidentally kiss at the end and then we’re dumped to an ending montage either. As much as I like him, Sentou makes a poor damsel in distress, not to mention how awful he looks in a dress.

Hakone and Iono head out together, but they’re both worried about how out of it Sentou’s been ever since the previous night.

Elsewhere in the city, the girl tries to make faces and play with the people in the city, but when they completely ignore her and pass through her, she gets pissed and starts draining all their energy.

In the parallel world, Plug and Arresta visit Klan and Reika. They thank the two for visiting, but remind them that this is part of their job, and the Juudens have their own work.

Plug and Arresta get buzzed and called to an emergency meeting. The Outage girl has gone out of control and an epidemic of depression is sweeping the city. The Juudens are all deployed and, and see the Leakage girls rushing all over the place when they arrive. The Juudens immediately start charging people, but it’s totally ineffective. They eventually manage to raise one girl out of her depression, but it takes an enormous amount of electricity and effort.

Plug, meanwhile, is sitting with a depressed boy. He perks up as a pretty girl passes by and stares at her ass. Plug flips up her panties, and uses that as the impetus to charge him. He runs off shouting "hooray for panties." Another Juuden sees Plug lazing about with the single guy and chews her out, but when she notices that the guy was charged fully with the normal amount of electricity, she passes the info on to the others.

The Juudens embark on a city wide skirt flipping spree to get all the men in the right mind. Arresta thinks about her former theories on Plug’s lack of repeaters and smiles to herself before heading out to flip some skirts too. Plug has found a girl, and thus, someone immune to the skirt flipping trick, but she starts ogling some male model on a nearby TV, so that works. The little girl watches Plug charge her and gets pissed. An Outage girl is knocked out and in tatters in the alley behind her.

Plug’s getting exhausted, so she heads over to Sentou’s, but her alarm goes off as she gets near and she finds Sentou at a critical level of depression. She stows the scouter and tries to cheer him up, but he completely ignores her.

Sentou’s cellphone rings and Sentou picks it up, passing through Plug to her horror. He perks up as he talks to Hakone, and Plug decides that this is her chance to charge him and return him to normal, but the little girl follows her back in and demands her attention.

Plug ignores her to concentrate on Sentou, so the girl short-circuits her plug. Plug calls Arresta to bring hers, but the girl is still pissed about being ignored and destroys Plug’s communicator too. Plug gets pissed off at the girl for ruining her chance to help Sentou. The girl shrugs her off and turns to Sentou. She wants to know why he can’t see her anymore. Plug explains that she needs to charge him and the girl tells her to do it, not realizing that she destroyed the plug.

The girl explains how Sentou found her last night, and when he asked her if she attacked Klan and Reika, she happily confirmed it. Sentou got pissed off and tried to catch her.

She happily flew around him until Sentou managed to grab her and she unleashed her power into him. Sentou was knocked out briefly, but then got up, said "screw it" and went home. The girl thought that was really fun and wants to play with him some more. He’s the most interesting toy there is. Plug gets annoyed, and yells at her that humans aren’t toys that she can just play with however she wants, but the girl never had anybody that could see her or interact with her before and almost breaks down in tears.

The Outage girls arrive in force to arrest the girl. She attacks them and then flies off.

Arresta arrives at the house and Plug tries to explain things to her, but her alarm goes off and she sees Sentou. She tries to shake his shoulders, but her arms go right through him.

Plug turns on Milly, but not even that gets a reaction from Sentou. Arresta starts panicking even more, but is interrupted by a call from the other Juudens who are overwhelmed and need backup. Plug comforts Arresta and leaves her to look after Sentou before going to do her job as a Juuden. 



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    Next Charge: PLUG SMASH!

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    By the way, are you and the other guy still working on Galaxy Angel? Or was the translation wiki realized instead?

  • Anonymous says:

    You know, when they take the waterworks out of this show it’s actually pretty good.