Tears to Tiara #21 — White Out

August 23rd, 2009


Way to take one for the team.


And again, a character dies who has had about 15 total minutes of screen time. I didn’t even really care about him when he died in the game either for that matter, although that could just be because he’s about as worthless as Llyr and Octavia and nowhere near as easy on the eyes. In any case, apparently the Song of Genesis isn’t so special as to be reserved for demigods only… or maybe they just have a really fancy name for "a song that stops blizzards." And then everybody goes home, bringing the total split of the time anybody cared about him when he was alive versus dead to about 3:2.

As usual, the action was about as well done as it was irrelevant to what was going on, which is to say that in this case, it was a rather nice little fight scene. "There’s a badly rendered CG army miles and miles away and we need to ambush by dropping an avalanche on them… so here are some goblins at the top of a mountain to fight." I continue to wonder why they sink time and resources into these random battles, but then leave the actual dramatic fights that finish multiple episode arcs largely obscured by dust clouds or made up more of flashback than swordplay. I’m just glad that they didn’t try to make up for lost ink in the battle by covering everything in white.

Brief Summary:

As expected, Arawn is summoned to be the new 12th Angel in Myrddin’s place, but when he sees that they mindcrushed the girl into brainless worship of the Angels, he angrily resigns from the post. He returns to her, now freed, and gives her a wreath of primulas before being forcibly transformed into his fallen angel form. He vows to protect this world.

Back in the present, Taliesin meets back up with the Scooby Squad as they try to break the seals on the mountain. The seals break, but a strong blizzard suddenly appears and holds the snow in place. Everybody starts to retreat, but Taliesin knocks out Arthur and forces Arawn to go ahead because he’s going to sing the song that he heard Myrddin sing to dispel the blizzard. It works and Taliesin is consumed along with the army by the ensuing avalanche. Later, Arthur whines about how it’s his fault for being dumb some more. A drop in the ocean, man.

Back on the homefront, everybody mourns Taliesin’s death.


Arawn and Pwyll, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jeffng9 says:

    epona looks like she miss taleisin a lot

  • DK says:

    Haven’t watched the episode yet, but lemme comment on this one line:

    “Later, Arthur whines about how it’s his fault for being dumb some more.”

    I called it! ZERO fucking character development!

  • Travis says:

    YES! I’ve been waiting for this death the entire show! I knew it was gonna rock!…

    Who died again?

    Also, if they had played this battle like Montezuma plays every battle, they wouldn’t have needed that song after all and whatisface could still be alive. Jaguar rush.

  • jeremia says:

    can someone get me the name of the song epona is singing?