Tears to Tiara #20 — Memnoch

August 16th, 2009


Only with 99% less vampire sex.


Okay, it actually shares very little with Memnoch, aside from angels rebelling against God other angels to go chill out with humans. I’m willing to give this episode a free pass because, while I did find the original scene fairly interesting, watching it second time… near verbatim if my memory is any good… was a lot less interesting. Anyway, surprise surprise, to the shock of all, the angels… who torched the Imperial senate some two or three episodes ago… are evil and want to destroy all of mankind. And here I thought that they were just incorrigible pyromaniacs. I do think it’s kind of silly that they didn’t give any of the Evil 11 a face this episode, especially after showing one at the senate. What ever happened to the personal touch for evil villains? A man hiding behind a curtain is not as menacing nor as mysterious as you might think.

People who have played the game can easily skip this one and miss absolutely nothing. They probably could have sped things up a little more, especially eliminating some of the overly blunt foreshadowing about Myrddin’s death and the early scenes of teaching Arawn/Lucifer to have emotions, but hey… it’s not like there are only 6 episodes left with all of Pwyll to cover, a couple armies to defeat, and two house elves to sleep with, right? Right.

Brief Summary:

A thirteenth angel is born, destroying the perfection of having 12. He’s taken under the wing of Myrddin and given the name Lucifer. Myrddin tutors Lucifer as if he was his son, but Lucifer’s only wish is to officially join the other angels. He can’t understand why they won’t allow him, but Myrddin reassures him that having 12 is the most important thing for the others, and thus the day will soon come that they’ll definitely allow him in. FORESHADOWING DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUH.

The Angels’ great work is to create perfection. Their most recent attempt, humans, are weak and die too easily to practically everything, so they throw the planet into another ice age to kill them off and start over. Myrddin and Lucifer go to a cave where the last of the humans are dying. They find a pile of corpses with the strongest men on the outside, warming the women’s corpses, warming the children’s, warming a tiny girl still alive in the middle. Myrddin tells Lucifer that this is the true beauty of life, that the strong protect the weak instead of the perfect surviving. He gives the girl the forbidden secret of fire, and then sacrifices himself to dispel the ice age, leaving Lucifer sealed in the cave.


Oh, right. Riannon knows how to beam spam. That could have come in handy during the siege.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • DK says:

    I think they degraded Riannon’s power to being barrier-centric… The preview shows her using multiple barriers to block incoming arrow showers.


    Myrrdin plays Prometheus… Primula plays Bob (watching Nickelodeon has finally taken its toll)… The White Angels are a bunch of perfectionist assholes… and Ara-err Lucifer does a whole lotta whining… They could’ve really shortened this to half an episode. Seriously, who does a full-episode flashback nowadays?

  • Furuba says:

    50% white caps, 45% black, 5% blue/pink, wow…. did not absorb anything from the screenies Dx

  • teddybear says:

    OMG there was supposed to be Pwyll? And 6 episodes left? ;___;

    I just wanna know, did Arawn’s meeting with Pwyll occur shortly afterwards?