Tears to Tiara #18 — Operatic Deaths

August 2nd, 2009


Lo, I am slain, but first let me dump five minutes of exposition on you.

I’ve got places to go and people to destroy meet today, so we’re rolling low-def here.


I like the darkened eyeshadow on Gaius, it makes him look like a clown that broke into Limwris’ makeup drawer and then faceplanted into the eyeshadow. It added some badly needed amusement to his excessively long death. The direction of this entire episode left a lot to be desired for that matter. One pan over everybody’s shocked face when Arthur showed up was cheesy, the second one when Arawn appeared was making things worse, the third one when Gaius took a sword to the gut is just asking for an intervention and a check-in to rehab to get off the stuff. There were also the normal issues of cutting away to watch the elves bake or giggle about berries while their homes were burning to the ground, but that’s nothing new. Octavia also gave Morgan her lesbian friendship bracelet necklace, thus confirming that no matter the adaptation, Arthur’s not going to get laid.

At least the action was good this episode, but almost all of it was the same "good guys slaughter generics without ceremony" that we’ve seen the entire time. Most of Arthur and Gaius’s big fight was obscured by the dust kicked up every time Gaius swung his sword, and Arthur couldn’t manage a single blow except for the coup d’grace. Even when Gaius was completely distracted by Arawn, Arthur only barely managed to hit Gaius’ cape. It was nice to finally see Arawn go all demon king on someone for once too… and only 4 and a half months into the show. I’m also a little curious as to how exactly Arthur was carrying on a conversation at slightly above normal voice levels with an entire army… not to mention castle walls and raging fires… between him and the rest of Avalon. I’d also probably be a bit more excited about the angel torching the Imperial senate (guess we’re skipping all of the Londinium stuff, hooray) if the entirety of the next episode preview wasn’t about Taliesin’s dumb little "I like elf singing and molesting Epona" scene.

Brief Summary:

Blah blah blah, more fighting, more "we can’t give up," more "this is for our friends." When Arthur finally gets there, he shouts out for Arawn, who detonates the gate to appear in a giant explosion. Riannon runs to him and Gaius charges them, but Arthur breaks landspeed records and intercepts the blow. Gaius confirms that Arawn’s goal is Regius, the king of all, and starts fighting Arthur. When he notices Arawn just standing aside smiling, he realizes a second meaning of Regius, "Little King." Arthur manages to kill him, but before he dies, he makes them promise to spare his men and tells Arthur to make a kingdom where everybody is free.

At the Imperial Senate, one of the Sith Lord angels torches the place and everybody in it.


Elf filler and pedophiles.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • DK says:

    -Les Yay moment for Octavia and Morgan. But wait, I thought Morgan had a thing for Arawn? Guess she’s bisexual, then. C76 is just around the corner, so I guess I should be looking forward to a bit of TtT yuri doujinshi at least, as anything that features Arthur will MOST DEFINITELY be yaoi.

    -Ogam went back to being an old guy again… Disappointment. Can’t he become a permanent dragon in-game? I’m asking the PC/PS3 guys here.

    -LOL’d at Code Geass-style “eyeshadow of death.” I don’t remember Lydia getting one when ‘Tavia slit her throat, though…

    -Wow… Lector showing up and torching the mooks pretending to be the Big Bads was so fricking cliché. “I laugh and explain my true motives while everything around me burns!!!”

    • 123 says:

      He only turned into a dragon once in the game.

      Actually posting without watching the anime, didn’t like many characters in the game.
      Is Arawn still a horny pimp and Riannon a submissive clingy naive b***?

    • teddybear says:

      Arthur in a yaoi doujinshi? Want to read X3 I don’t think Morgan had a thing for Arawn (as far as I can remember), she just wanted to pay back her wrongdoings by sticking with him. I’m not into yuri but the Octavia x Morgan scenes look a bit obvious (or is it my perverted imagination?)

      • anon says:

        well, in the game Morgan became his wife and was the first to steal Arawns virginity. it was pretty early in the game, like when the first day was over.

  • moridin84 says:

    OctaviaXMorgan is just yuri goggles. They’re basically BBF’s, not everything is to do with sex you know!

  • darkmistress says:

    does it really matter whether or not theres something between morgan and octavia if people want to see a bit more there then let them it is their own interpretation i am sure that people are aware that they are friends but if they want to see more it is their right just like it is your right not to see it

  • MADAO says:

    Fuck that, why the heck do they decide to screw up the Harem aspect ? I have no complain with the amount of action but no Harem like in the game = Fail. If I recall correctly, there was none of a decent Harem show throughout 2009, so seriously, WTF is up with producers these days, are they females who got a grudge against Harem or something? And I dont fucking care about Ecchi, just gimme some DELICIOUS Harem already, stupid producers !

  • Jeremy says:

    This was my favorite episode! That angel torching the senate made my day! That dude is my hero!