Princess Lover! #07 — Royal Bore

August 16th, 2009


Oh lord, politics. Hit it with a stick.


A rather uninteresting transitional episode leading into what should be far far more interesting next week, if for no other reason than the cast apparently puts on motorcycle jumpsuits and fights crime. Is anybody else sensing that this show is having some issues figuring out what it wants to be lately? Last week was gag comedy, this week was about 15 minutes of politcal rambling, and next week appears to be crime fighting and some kind of horror-film mutations. However, never let it be said that I have anything against people dressing up in spandex to fight the bad guys. In fact, there’s seriously not enough of that lately in action shows.

The first half was dominated by the arrival of Charlotte’s fiance, who, in an effort to make him more interesting, I have decided to refer to as General Major Webelo Stubbins. GMW Stubbins brings with him about five or six straight minutes of political rambling, mostly involving pissing off the van Hossens, ending with some kind of SWAT team attacking the hotel. I’m not entirely certain how or why, since the only person they should have expected to be there who is a direct successor or power-holder is Teppei’s grandfather, hotels aren’t generally known for the amount of money they have in them, and it generally doesn’t work out too well to ransom somebody to themself, but hey… let’s run with it. It’s probably just some crazy person/group out to ruin Teppei’s life/kill all the Arimas anyway, given the message at the end, in which case, I’m rather amazed at the number of other crazies he’s managed to pull in. At least Teppei’s not being forced to plan a welcome party for GMW Stubbins to appease some random new girl’s whim.

And yes, these are Charlotte’s panties.


Die Hard.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • frog212 says:

    time to drop?

  • Irie says:

    A lot of exposition so can’t comment too much. From a plot point of view, this seems to be moving towards a resolution on the attacks against Teppei’s family. I could be completely wrong but given the political tones of the episode, it does make sense. I am somewhat glad the new guy isn’t just around for comedy relief. Seems like a genuine ass and will give Teppei a decent antagonist.

    The last episode really didn’t add anything to the overall story. It shouldn’t be counted as any great effort to change the nature of the story.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know I went into this show with low expectations (since it’s just a generic harem romance anime) and I haven’t been disappointed yet. I guess I take most of the plot and characters with a sort of “That’s nice” attitude and thus I don’t really mind that the show’s not going anywhere.

    That said, more action episodes are always welcome.

  • Irie says:

    Next episode should provide alot more action. My only complaint is how can the head of a large company with private security at his mansion be suddenly surrounded by a bunch of terrorist. Also, how can Selvie walk around with watermelons under her shirt? Seems like she is going to burst.

  • jeffng9 says:

    hm… still leaning towards charlotte…

  • aya natsume says:

    actually, it seems that the plot is now really going for charlotte’s route…oh well…that’s it i guess…

    kinda becoming hopeless now as to when they will give sylvie some spotlight and show that at least there is some development between her and teppei…maybe never…

    she’s just his fiancee after all…nothing more…at least it’ll be easier for them to drop it, since the guy maybe has some interest and the girl may have feelings but both of them are not pursuing it…

  • chad001 says:

    …Sylvie transforms from Saber of Fate, to Beatrix of Kill Bill, in the preview….