Manageable Modern Magic #08 — Recycled Code

August 29th, 2009


No, Misa, I don’t think the airplane toilet holds the answers this time.


Well, I guess I should be happy that they do seem to be putting together an antagonist and a final arc for the show, but this episode was handled rather unenthusiastically to say the least. It was pretty much 20 straight minutes of exposition about how all the incidents were actually linked and descended from Misa’s original worm from the past. Oh, and the evil mastermind was the guy who previously showed up as a consultant for all of 90 seconds in the pool episode, who framed a guy and then tried to crash a plane just to distract Misa long enough to steal that ghost script sword. Couldn’t he have just waited until she went out for lunch? The big reveal would have been more dramatic if he wasn’t right there in the OP, grinning evilly with his eyes glowing.

Like I said though, this episode was 90% exposition, 8% random flashbacks to go with the exposition, and 2% anything interesting… and I’m including Misa’s flashback to indirectly killing her mother at the start as something interesting. I already have this nagging fear that they’ll use that in some way to be the good feelings that take down sword-boy a second time. You would also have thought that Misa would have developed some kind of antivirus routine by now. The bloody thing is six years old. I can forgive Microsoft for not making an OS secure against evil magic, but after you spawned some all powerful talisman making worm through a bazillion computers, wouldn’t you then want to thread protection against it to make sure that… oh, I don’t know… this doesn’t then happen? I’m just amazed it took half a decade for anybody to get ahold of it.



Generic evil villain plot #3: Pit heroes against each other.

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