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August 8th, 2009


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And so we come to episode 5, the 6th episode, and the chronologically 2nd episode. At least they do get that out of the way at the very start with Koyomi explaining to Misa that she’s from 6 years in the future. Except she’s not. It’s a virtual world created through a ghost script of a cat that is and is not real. I think I need to lie down.

Unfortunately, this episode really went pretty much nowhere aside from explaining this past-but-not-really-past world for the benefit of the audience. Koyomi wandered around a bit and Yumiko continued to have no panties. There was some explaination about the evil guy, but I was still trying to puzzle out reality in the middle of his flashback. Mages fighting, ancient grudge, old men stalking little girls through their magic books… you know… the usual. I did find Koyomi’s joy over being superior to Yumiko in bust size to be somewhat funny, but otherwise, this episode was dominated by exposition telling us why we should care about pantyless little girls throwing swords at evil wizards. Honestly. Since when has a plot been requisite for that?

I also wish they had at least addressed in some way Yumiko laying the verbal smack down on Koyomi at the end of the previous episode. Seems like the whole "YOU SHOULDN’T BE A MAGE" thang would be kind of applicable and important to this arc.



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One Lonely Comment

  • Hegemon says:

    A cat that is and is not real?

    I’m seriously expecting a Schrodinger name drop in the near future. Of course, its context will neglect that his famous example was a satirical criticism of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics rather than a credible explanation of quantum phenomena.

    Oh screenwriters; always ruining a perfectly good joke by misinterpreting it as SRS BZNS.