Manageable Modern Magic #04 — I Dream of Jini

August 1st, 2009


Bad obscure computer puns R us.

Eh? Yes, I’m alive. Just out this morning.


A tedious episode under even the best of circumstances. Perhaps most annoying about it was that the episode had a very distinct lack of music through the vast majority of it. Background tunes are something that you never really appreciate until you’re forced to do without it… or suffer through some truly godawful stuff. The episode did advance the plot ever so slightly with a few veiled references to some kind of talented evil mastermind, but that’s about it. Given that next week seems to be a continuation (or beginning) of episode 1, I’m pretty sure that it’s a safe bet that that guy’s at least the immediate antagonist.

As for the rest… eh. Some magical whatsit is going haywire at a waterpark, Koyomi’s stealing Yumiko’s bathing suit and hearing voices when not drowning in the 40 foot deep wave pool, and then after eliminating the genie jini that was the manifestation of the bad code, Yumiko tells Koyomi that she’s not cut out to be a mage. Gee, I wonder how this could ever segue into present-Koyomi meeting past-Yumiko during her formulative magical adolescence. Yawn. NEXT!

Oh, and Misa’s hat is bloody ridiculous.


Back to the future’s past.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Voiced408 says:

    Hahah was wondering where you were

  • Travis says:

    I’ve gotta ask, how is ‘I dream of Genie’ an obscure reference? Maybe that and the Donna Fargo ref just stay clear to me.
    Either that or I’m old.

  • Aroduc says:

    ‘Jini’ is network architecture.

  • This episode confirms something they’d obliquely hinted at earlier: Kaho has no native sensitivity to magic at all. In the pump room, all of Misa, Yumiko, and Koyomi could clearly see the jini, and Kaho could not and didn’t know it was there.

    Kaho has been shown doing magic, in the sense that she writes computer programs along the lines of what Misa tells her to, and they yield results that can’t be explained technologically. But she isn’t really a mage at all. It’s cookbook to her, all theoretical.

    On the other hand, Koyomi seems even more sensitive to it than Misa or Yumiko. Out in the pool Koyomi could hear the jini, even though Yumiko and Misa could not.