Magical Girl Sweetie Milly #10 — Merry Evil Christmas!

August 27th, 2009


It seems like just last week that we were celebrating a Happy Evil Halloween.

Okay, so I’ve been distracted from MK2 by finding brownie mix which I was then compelled to make, and then I had to go buy ice cream because… well… let’s say it was my own personal "If you give a mouse a cookie" scenario that ended with buying a pineapple and 4 packages of double AA batteries.


You know, it hasn’t even been 10 minutes, but I haven’t sorted through the caps yet and I have absolutely no bloody recollection of what happened in the first half of the episode. The second half was rather entertaining, although about 5 minutes of Milly is a bit much. I’m impressed that she made it that long without wetting herself… or that even Arresta managed to have a daydream sequence about Sentou riding on a sleigh, dressed up as Santa, and beaning her as he rode past without wetting herself. At least that we saw. She was holding that bat pretty tight and rolling around on top of it.

The important part all happened at the very end. Most of the rest of the episode was just getting there. The little girl is apparently an Outage girl, who pretty much ruins the symbiotic relationship between the whole charing deal between the two worlds… and drives people to suicide. It’s looking like Plug’ll probably work her healing magic on the girl though, as she was presented as relatively non-evil. She blew up at the spoiled yuppies for picking the one flower that managed to grow in the rundown area, and while she completely wrecked the Leakage duo, that was technically self-defense… I guess. Proactive self-defense. I’m sure Plug’ll track her down and forgive her for mindraping Sentou and then there’ll be hugs, kisses, and everybody will finally remember the evil guy back in the parallel world stalking Plug.

Brief Summary:

Christmas is a busy time for the Juudens and Arresta berates Plug a little bit for all the extra time she’s taking to ‘do things right.’ Over at Sentou’s job, the Leakage girls stop by to let him know to keep an eye out for an Outage girl that they’re looking for. He has no problem with it, but he doesn’t understand why him, so Klan flirts with him a little bit before they fly off. At the parallel world showers, everybody gossips about Christmas, and Plug’s busy thinking about Sentou. Arresta shrugs them off, but she’s got a brand new bat wrapped up as a present in her locker.

In the real world, the ‘evil’ girl admires a flower. She sees some cardboard and runs off to grab it, but a pair of yuppies pick the flower while she’s gone. She loses her temper and mindzonks both of them. Elsewhere, Plug’s daydreaming about a long long long Evil Christmas themed Magical Milly. Arresta snaps her out of it, and they talk Christmas in roundabout ways until Arresta admits that she’s taking part in this world’s tradition. On the other side of the city, the Outage girls effortlessly chase down and arrest a suspect.

At night, Plug tries to shop for a good gift while Arresta fantasizes about the bat. The Leakage girls corner the Outage girl and want her to come quietly, but she laughs and makes fun of them. They turn on their insulation suits and try to forcefully take her, but she knocks out their restraint weapons in one shot. Sentou sees the light from it from a distance and decides to investigate. Her arrives to see the Leakage girls totally ravaged. Back at home, Hakone wonders why Sentou’s late. Plug’s also at work in the city. And Sentou’s lying unconscious in a ditch.


The Juudens deploy in force.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like the show is actually about to have some sort of conflict/resolution going. I guess we need something to run with for the last two (three?) episodes.