GA Art Design Class #09 — Bad Hair Day

August 31st, 2009




A pretty decent episode, but I wasn’t really feeling it this time. I think it’s because the characters weren’t really doing anything in particular for the entire episode. There wasn’t even the normally extremely loose connection between the various little skits and activities and instead they were all just going somewhat stir crazy from the weather. The art bits were also pretty lacking this week, with the only particularly major thing that I can recall being a quick lecture by the Prof on light spectrums at the very very end.

There were still some nice bits. Prof started pulling random stuff out of her jacket, and Noda tried to imitate flying squirrels using the wind. I also liked Tomokane smashing Noda’s cracker train as she was tooling around the table. I also enjoyed the first minute or two of the Color Rangers versus Chickenzilla, but like I said, that segment just kept going and going. They also sort of half introduced Noda’s sister, who is some kind of faceless celebrity in the others’ class. Then again, that was less of an introduction than the dummy got, so… who even knows if we’ll see her again. I did kind of like the little scene between Awara and "the guy with glasses whose name I can’t be bothered to remember." Subtle romance is such a nice change of pace, especially when you’re not beaten over the head with it.


More forbidden relationships.

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  • Chen says:

    Noda x Tomo foreva.

    Also, amusingly, your blog generated an ad for defining curls and eliminating frizz.