GA Art Design Class #05 — A Day of Ritalin

August 3rd, 2009




Meh. A pretty dull episode with the highlight being that they finally got to the Horie Yui version of the ED, in addition to switching up the little chibis into doing somewhat different activities. My biggest issue was that it spent about half the episode on the other art club and I just find them really dull. They were better this week than last since there was a lot less angst and at least a bit more weirdness, but Noda and Tomokane’s energy is what really drives the show for me, and removing them from the equation makes it something of a chore to watch. Awara and the cardboard boxes she sleeps in are nothing compared to the Color Rangers and it feels like I’m missing out on potential fun when we get stuck watching her putz around.

Unfortunately, even for the first half, Noda was on her ritalin or something and didn’t do anything at all except put her hair in pigtails. Tomokane was at least mildly amusing in her escalation of how she addressed Sotoma, but I’m really throwing the episode a bone with that compliment. Nozaki’s birthday celebration was about as boring as they could have made it. There wasn’t even any real art this week, unless you count design sketches, but that wasn’t educational in the slightest… and my first thought about the bunny cell phones was "that is so very very impractical." That is probably why I’m not an artist.


Haunted classrooms.

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  • Is that thing Metallis? Looks like it could be.