Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! #09 — MIRACLE SILICONE

August 20th, 2009


Selica powers up!


Well, after the buildup of the Power Outage girls (or whatever you want to call them) being menacing for the last couple episodes, the ending to this episode was pretty irritating. Neither of them were particularly interesting either. I guess Reika had a couple moments (or was it Klan?) since she liked to argue with the narrator, but aside from that neither had much of a personality. Although… if the end is to be believed, they were jealous of the bat attention Sento was inflicting upon Plug and Arresta. Maybe everybody in the parallel world is a masochist.

And because I’m sure someone will ask, yes, Arresta urinated onto the crowd below when Sento was trying to cling to her for dear life as they ascended. We’ll keep the puns about him then riding on top of her to ourselves, eh? I’m not really sure how that helped them escape from Reika either. She should have just been able to float along after them. They were rather clever with the physics this week, using both the anti-stealth for tight turns as well as Sento’s ability to trap and ambush Klan. While we’re on physics, they also made sure to have Sento pass out when he leaped a couple miles into the air. He probably should have gotten the bends, but at least they paid some attention to the pressure differential.

Aside from the lame ending, it was mostly enjoyable. We’ve still got the two antagonists wandering about randomly, and what looks like generic Christmas filler next week, but hopefully they’ll use it to move into the final storyline with a little more drama than Klan and Reika provided.

Brief Summary:

Plug’s fully recovered, but she and Arresta are brought before the Outage girls for an auditing because of the various things lately, and they need Sento too. On Earth, Plug and Arresta imagine nothing good from bringing them to Sento, so they decide to escape to lose the Outage girls and then hide Sento once they’re free. Klan and Reika give chase, but Plug and Arresta have some tricks that at least trick them for a moment. Arresta, unfortunately, stumbles into Sento during her flight. She tries to warn him, but Reika catches up and seeing Arresta hiding behind him, Sento goes on the defensive and says that he’ll protect her. His rantings attract a crowd, who call the police, but Arresta drags him to safety and then flies them both up into the air to escape. Sento struggles to hang onto Arresta, prompting a urine shower from the groping. He’s amazed by how cool it is to be up so high, but then passes out.

Once he wakes up, he and Arresta get a call from Reika, letting them know that Plug’s been captured. Sento vows to save her. Later, at an abandoned building, Plug’s tied up and starts arguing with the Outage girls. Klan leaves as Arresta draws near. Plug says that Reika doesn’t actually care about the people that the Juudens are helping, the Outage girls are just soulless bitches. Reika rebuffs her, and says that they can’t charge people, so they need to help the Juudens the best they can. Meanwhile, Arresta lures Klan to where Sento is waiting, and he uses his power on a fence to forcibly stop Klan and stun her long enough for the bat to finish.

Reika heads out to find out what happened, and Plug quickly breaks out of her restraints. Reika narrowly dodges Sento’s ambush, and he gives a long morality speech on how he believes in what he’s seen Plug and Arresta do and how many people he’s seen them save. Reika doesn’t care and whips out a restraining device, but Plug knocks it away and holds her down for Sento to bonk. Shortly thereafter, he learns from them that this was all started on their harebrained ideas and he apologizes to them profusely. They don rubber gloves and move in for the kill… handing each simple paper strips to lick. All three come up negative, so the Outage girls thank them for their time and prepare to leave. Sento administers punishment to Plug and a more than eager Arresta while the Outage girls blush.

A group of happy school girls passes by the lurking loli. One of them suddenly becomes depressed and listless. The little girl smiles to herself.





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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    This show isn’t bad after all, just more suggestive parody and comedic propangada.

    • Azure says:

      It has an interesting premise, and while I don’t personally agree with Sentou exercising violence against women for stupid reasons, it’s not completely intolerable compared to the levels of “friendly” abuse seen in things like Bobobo (or however you want to spell that) or Needless. Heck even the plot and storytelling are more-or-less serviciable.

      So really, the only thing keeping a person from finding this show “good” or “bad” would be their tolerance for both Plug as a character, and the overuse of having people piss themselves.

      Unless of course, you happen to be Aroduc, but we love him because he’s hard to please.

  • Silentbrick says:

    I really think Aroduc likes the fact that for once, it’s the girls on the receiving end of all the violence. In virtually every other anime, it’s always the male lead getting pummeled, hammered, blown up, kicked, punched and being the target of all the old ultraviolence. But this time, it’s two girls getting it, one of which /likes/ it. Enough that she beats herself with a baseball bat.

    That right there makes me laugh enough to watch this, no matter how silly the rest of it is.

    • Yue says:

      It does get a bit controversial in regards to fictional female violence to the point of UN extreme feminists banning anime altogether in the future.

      But yes, i have to agree. The concept of guys getting beat up has become stale and nothing’s bad i suppose if we try swapping roles. Unfortunately, the idea has not been wholehearted embraced or accepted yet.