Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! #08 — Harmless

August 13th, 2009


And armless.


A pretty silly episode whose main purpose was to start Plug and Sentou into their predestined couplehood… which does annoy me a little bit because Iono really really deserves Sentou still. I suppose Sentou could have a parallel world mistress on the side. I think the high point was probably Arresta’s lovey dovey daydream about Sentou-sh~an. I think this is Arresta’s first daydream that didn’t involve somebody bludgeoning her.

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, very little happened this week outside of Plug seeing stars over Sentou and him cheering her back to health so we can get back to square one for next episode and the introduction of the short-circuit girls. Yes, there was still urine, but it came from a dragonfly titillating Arresta, pun fully intended, and Plug’s stock transformation sequence. Strangely enough, for a sequence about fake breasts with Magical Milly, it was the tamest one to date.

Frankly, I’m just glad that we can get back to moving things forward next week.

Brief Summary:

Plug’s allowed to be out and about again, but she can barely move her arms, so Arresta’s in charge of her. Plug quickly gets bored and seeks out Sentou who massages some feeling back into her hands and she feels a bit better. He then sees a depressed kid walking past and gives chase, helping Plug with her acoutrements along the way. He talks her into getting the charging done on her own, and after setting the kid into the right mindset, throws Plug to complete the charge. Plug’s ground wraps around Sentou during the toss and ends up tearing off her butt-cover. When she meets up with Arresta later and tells her all about her day, Arresta goes berserk with jealousy.

Back in the parallel world, the company’s taken a special interest in Sentou.


Short circuit.

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