Tears to Tiara #17 — Tubthumping

July 27th, 2009


You could replace most of the dialogue here with the lyrics to Tubthumping and miss nothing.

Maaaaaan. I’m out until late, and there’s still no decent quality raw? Way to fail me, internetron.


I’ve been saying it a lot recently about this show and it’s probably because I’m pretty familiar with the PC game, but the pacing problems continue to really worry me. This episode barely went anywhere and did it slowly. The siege continued, Arawn had yet another vision of Pwyll and Primula telling him how awesome he is, and Arthur spent a third of the episode giving a speech to Taliesin to get the Brigantes to help. We’re down to 9 episodes left, 8 after the siege finishes next week. After they finish off Gaius, the show won’t even have an antagonist anymore, unless you count the evil empire, who decided two episodes ago that Arawn wasn’t causing problems for anybody.

As for the rest… meh. The insert song over Arawn’s dream/the siege didn’t really fit well, and it was pretty dumb to see the comic relief house elves giving each other bad pick-me-up pep talks and making jokes about broken barrels in the middle of their dumb apple orchard being on fire. "Ha ha, you’re so silly, Epona. Let’s joke about that while our homes burn." We already saw almost all of the action in the preview last week, which means sadly, no laser elves above and beyond what was already revealed. That just leaves lots of people telling each other to do their best for about twenty straight minutes. At least they are starting to get into the Myrddin stuff now instead of the one giant 30 minute vision Taliesin would have in… uh… at this pace… some time around episode 28. It’s a shame the show’s supposed to end at 26.


Arthur vs Gaius and Arawn wakes up.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jeffng9 says:

    will morgan’s arrow ever run out? XD
    i watched the raw episode but i still find it strange how they make every archer character arrows looks like unlimited despite holding only several.

    Rianon did nothing but just standing there giving command and raising thier spirit only… strange…

  • DK says:


    Also, having the trees form working SPOTLIGHTS for Arthur and Taliesin must be the worst dramatic effect ever. I almost imagined Taliesin scream “EPA!!! EPA!!!” when the huge, blinding light hit him from the back. At least Arthur finally admits how stupid he was… if he ever reverts back or even mentions anything about “The Vow,” Arawn really needs to shove it up the boy’s ass.

    You must be so gay to have another man’s face sparkle in your eyes. It was awesome for Octavia and Lydia… but god damn, Arthur…!

  • Dark says:

    I hate Riannon, she’s so worthless
    The only reason why i keep on watching this anime is because of OCTAVIA and no one else…
    Without OCTAVIA this anime sucks!!

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    When will we have the wild harem sexx0r party?

  • Eirias says:

    As a matter of fact, it not sad the show ends at 26. Not sad at all.

  • Lero says:

    I hope a spectacular action scene in the next episode.

  • moridin84 says:

    Actually the pacing isn’t THAT bad if you watched episode 17 without realizing that you missed episode 16. Then it seems to have progressed really fast.

    Though I did think it was odd that whats-his-face’s wounds healed so quickly but I just shrugged it off, it happens in anime all the time.

    I did just go and check the Rathy Missle of episode 16, that was pretty lulz, I’ll pass on the rest of the episode though :P