Princess Lover! #04 — Male Escort Service

July 26th, 2009


And all she managed to get off was his shoe. Pity.


For being another very fillerish episode, this one was quite a bit more amusing than the last, but still ultimately felt really really pointless. I did think that the dinner conversation at the end actually detracted a bit from the ending to the interview and I wish that part was left out completely. After the cliche, but nice little scene where Teppei finally heaps on some real praise for Seika, they killed the momentum to completely fabricate some extra drama out of thin air and then resolve it again twenty seconds later. So, uh… hooray for that?

Outside of the interview, I also rather liked the bike at the very start. Again, totally pointless, but I wish I had a bop-bag bike. The relax-o-vision replacements of Nezu Snot getting the tar kicked out of him also made me chuckle, but that has more to do with memories of Freakazoid than those gags being particularly funny. Otherwise though, Teppei filled in for Snot and got to play footsies with Seika. That’s… really about it.

PS, Tears to Tiara will likely be a bit late(r) than usual today. I’ve got delicious BBQ to eat and beer to drink at a friend’s. Don’t wait up.

Brief Summary:

Seika’s creative muse is gone. Teppei’s got a creepy new bike from MI6 designed by Q. At school, he learns all about Seika being a famous designer with Nezu as her lackey/escort for an interview about herself. The next day, Nezu’s sick off his tail and scaring the world, so Teppei volunteers to fill in for him. Seika’s not pleased, but allows it and uses her stiletto heels to guide an interview with him about her appropriately. After that, they head to dinner where Teppei busts some serious business about work and relationships on her, scoring a few more points. The next day, he enjoys Charlotte’s chest as usual and Seika’s got her creative spark back.


Angsty Sylvia and horny Charlotte.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chen says:

    And with this the harem is complete. Now get on with the Charlotte pr0n already.

  • Irie says:

    A much less annoying Seika. The snot skit was a bit too long. Teppei seemed to get some balls again. Much more like the guy from the first episode. It was a decent character building episode.

  • Irie says:

    Not sure anyone’s noticed but I think the engagement with Sylvia is going to be off next episode. Looks like Sylvia is crying (could be sweat) while Teppie is having (dinner)Charlotte. :)

  • moridin84 says:

    I was eating breakfast while watching this, the overly long snot scene was a bit too much.

    It seems unlikely that the engagement with Sylvia would be off so early on in the series, that kinda thing will likely happen in the last 2 episodes.

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