Managegable Modern Magic #03 — Budgetary… Bonuses?

July 25th, 2009


I’ve never seen this happen before.


The first thing that I should mention is that this episode was 28 minutes long for some reason; a full 5 minutes longer than your normal broadcast episode. Where on earth did that come from? And after complaining about Shaft’s massive abuse of stills in Bakemonogatari and how they’ve reduced SZS to about 19 minutes of actual content this season, the little mousy show in the corner goes the extra mile. I applaud you for that, Modern Magic, if nothing else.

I should also say that this was probably the episode of this show that I enjoyed the most, especially since I’m about to make fun of it for probably quite a bit. Chronology looks like it’s settling down a bit, as this one takes place more or less right after the last episode and covers Yumiko’s first meeting with Koyomi as well as hooking up with Misa. I’m not sure if Yumiko gains or loses points for having a tramp stamp. However, I am sure that Koyomi gains a few points for taking on the role of the milquetoast male lead, constantly peeking at Yumiko’s lack of panties. She so already has a lesbian crush on Yumiko. Who wouldn’t?

The zerg were a bit odd and not really explained all that well. If they had just been some mischevious panty stealing bugs, that’d have been one thing, but when they reappeared at the start, they attacked Kaho. After that, the panty stealing and impishness seemed rather out of line. There were also a few points where the visuals got a little embarassing. After actually decently animating the initial attack on Koyomi in the streets, they shakey cammed a still for about five seconds. Yes. Five seconds. I know it pales in comparison to Bakemonogatari’s 120 second cell phone photo, but let’s call a dog a dog. It looked bad. I’m more than willing to forgive them for that though, given the extra length. It was just a bad direction decision. I’ll file Yumiko’s bra snapping as another one, only far more unintentionally hilarious.

After foiling some terrorists, Yumiko finds a strange code on a computer that one of them calls Deus In Machina.

Over at the Xavier Instintute for Higher Learning, Koyomi’s making basins while Kaho successfully turns on the microwave. A bit later, Yumiko senses something bad from a school. Koyomi comes running up and faceplants into Yumiko’s chest. She enjoys Yumiko’s pillows to their fullest.

Yumiko cushions Koyomi’s fall with magic and after a somewhat awkward conversation because Koyomi assumed her to be a foreigner, the two part ways.

Later in the lab where Koyomi is gushing over how beautiful the woman was, she and Kaho are attacked by one of the strange lights from the previous episode. It slashes at Kaho’s drink and cuts her hand before they run away.

It follows them and turns itself into a bug. Yumiko saves them with her Gate of Babylon, but it reverts to its light form and flies out the window. Yumiko leaps out in chase, but it lures her to the roof where its buddies ambush her.

Koyomi searches for Misa, but she’s out meeting somebody. Her brother makes Koyomi take home the basin she created. En route, a pair of panties fall on her head which are then retrieved by the bug. It attacks, but Yumiko chases it off. She tries to follow, but gets embarrassed flying over Koyomi and falls on top of her.

The two introduce themselves. Yumiko wonders about Koyomi being able to see the codes, and then it comes out that Koyomi can use magic when the basin disappears. In light of that, Yumiko lets her tag along to help.


As they search, Koyomi notices all the people staring, but Yumiko notes that she’s used to it, being a foreigner.

Misa continues waiting at WcDonald’s.

Yumiko eventually gets tired and tells Koyomi to search properly. A tentacle taps her on the shoulder, and assuming it’s Koyomi, she tells it enough is enough.


After a few more taps, she looks around and is attacked by the zerg again. Miyako manages to get her staff out and banish its tentacles, but Koyomi gets an eyeful of Yumiko’s nether regions when it drops her. They track it to a building. Koyomi, perverse girl that she is, takes a moment or two to understand why Yumiko wants her to go up the ladder first.



They find the bugs guarding the servers powering them. Yumiko tries to ambush them, but Misa calls her cell and gives her away. She Gate of Babylons the servers anyway, but the swords are destroyed when they get close. Koyomi pushes her out of the way for an attack, but then they’re stuck under Yumiko’s barrier while the bugs attack it.


Yumiko strains with the effort of maintaining it and her bra snaps. She tells Koyomi that she’ll hold off the bugs while Koyomi takes out the servers. Koyomi protests that all she can do is make basins. Yumiko is incredulous and can’t even understand how that would be, but tells her to just run while she fights them. She goes on the attack, but is quickly overwhelmed. Koyomi panics and starts using her magic.


…And transmutes all of the bugs into basins. Yumiko finally retrieves her panties and Koyomi watches her put them back on (no, really). Yumiko thanks her and an extra basin falls, drenching them both.

Later, Koyomi heads to Misa’s and finds Yumiko waiting in the living room.


Pool episode!

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Solaris says:

    Yomiko first encounter with Koyomi? But Yomiko shouldn’t have met Koyomi before the forst episode when she was stil young? I’m a bit confused

  • meganeshounen says:

    Is it me, or does Yumiko’s underwear have this tendency to epic-ly fail her from time to time? (getting stolen, getting snapped)

    And, oh wow. Obligatory pool episode, ahoy.

  • Kagekyuubi says:

    How old is Yumiko? Logically she should be older than Koyomi by a year or two but she looks the same age as Misa.

  • You guys are being confused by a time-travel paradox. Koyomi traveled back in time (or will, in some future episode) to when Yumiko was a loli and Soushirou was a kid, and that was Yumiko’s first meeting with Koyomi, from Yumiko’s point of view. But that was, for Yumiko, a long time ago and she’s grown up now.

    However, Koyomi hasn’t done it yet. Next ep is Koyomi’s first meeting with Yumiko, from Koyomi’s point of view.

  • Kagekyuubi says:

    That time travel episode was 6 years before the present. Loli+6 years=Underaged Busty Magical Girl. In Nanoha’s case, it was 10 years.

  • Solaris says:

    Thank you for your answers. But i have another question: why do anime girls only own one single pair of panties?

    • Mouse says:

      Because most anime girls are as pure as the wind driven snow and don’t have nocturnal emissions.

  • Rawr says:

    Not that I can speak for women, seeing I’m not one, but I think it would bother women knowing that their underwear has been stolen, or is in the possession of some inhuman creature. I mean, if that weren’t the case, who would complain about panty thieves?

  • OK, I just watched it, and I was surprised by something: Yumiko didn’t seem to recognize Koyomi. I wonder why not?

    I don’t know if Aroduc picked this out, but the subtitles make clear that Yumiko and Koyomi are both 15 years old.

  • Wisps says:

    I was hoping Koyomi would break the server by dropping basin on them… unlimited basin works or something like that…