GA Art Design Class #04 — Kodachrome

July 27th, 2009


Titling these entries would be much easier if episodes had any sort of cohesion.


A marvelous episode all around. Like just about all of them, it did slow down a little bit at the very end and felt the need to tack on some dumb little moral to the whole thing, but the other 21 minutes were great. On the education side, I’ve actually had a lot of experience (and I know that I’ve complained here many a time) with shot framing. Move the focus ever so slightly, and you send a completely different message to your audience. I’ve also run into AIDMA before (Attention, Interest, Desire, Memory, Action), which is an older model for consumer behavior (AISAS being the newer and more popular one these days), but to my disappointment, it was just a little throwaway joke.

On the humor side of things, I loved the gags at lunch. Noda went for the spiked soup, but Nozaki deftly switch the bowls to give Noda a taste of her own medicine. I also want to know how to do Noda’s dancing salt and pepper trick. They bounced around much more in the second half than the first, but I did really enjoy the segement where they kept accidentally ruining the canvas and just turned it into a new style each time. It was very reminiscent of the Color Rangers segment in the first episode. I miss the Color Rangers already. Noda vandalizing Tomokane’s jacket/frock with ‘badass’ flames was also good for a chuckle. I really have to keep reminding myself that Tomokane is female though. Maybe she should stop using the bloody masculine.



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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kadian1364 says:

    Are you watching these raw? I can’t find any subs past episode one. Pity, I liked that episode.

  • fangzhao says:

    I am jealous beyond the bounds of jealousy that you can understand Japanese. I can probably learn all the kanji in the world before Ayako subs episode two.

  • Rawr says:

    Amusing how I’m doing that as I’m waiting for subs.

  • Mendou says:

    “Kaiga Joutou”? I’m not sure if Tomokane’s ability qualifies as “first-class” or not…… Also, when they’re drawing portraits, is Kisaragi checking to make sure Kyouju is still breathing?