Tayutama -Kiss On My Deity- #12 — Love and Marriage

June 21st, 2009




I… wow. I’m not entirely sure how they managed to drag this disaster out of the pit, but this was one hell of an ending. Maybe I’m just a sucker for bittersweet finales, but this was hands down the best episode of the show, and at the moment and I think it’d be hard for anything else ending this season to top it. Both Mashiro and Yuuri’s speeches during their wedding ceremony before she discorporated, or whatever you want to call her non-death were fantastic and Mashiro’s especially was a real tearjerker. I was worried for a minute that they’d immediately negate it by throwing in some deus ex machina magic to bring her back and let everybody live happily ever after, but from the post-ED segment, the town’s going to be destroyed by flooding before that comes to pass. I’ll choose to believe that that happens at least 10-20 years in the future instead of a dam bursting 10 minutes after the show ends.

I wasn’t entirely pleased with how they wrapped up the Ouryuu stuff. Ameri got to confess her feelings for Yuuri at the very least, but then she just browbeat Ouryuu into not being evil anymore, mostly not even heard by the audience. I don’t think all he needed was a stern talking to, but apparently the giant city-devouring dragon’s weakness is Super Nanny. Still, that was just the first 5 minutes or so of the episode, and I’m not sure I could have asked for anything more out of the rest. Kudos to the writers for… well… maybe not quite salvaging this mess, but ending it just about as strongly as they could have.

Final thoughts at the bottom.

Final Thoughts:

Hmm… let’s look back at what I said after watching the very first episode. 

"Assuming the budget doesn’t have too much further to fall, it looks like it could be nice little brainless show to just tune out and watch. There’s enough silliness that I’m not afraid it’ll get bogged down in dumb melodrama."


In the show’s defense, it did start out decently enough with its best arc and I really do love the ending, but aside from that, it ranged from somewhat below average to abysmal on most fronts. It wasn’t even that good to begin with, but at least Mifuyu’s arc didn’t embarrass itself and featured ancient gods dancing around with underwear on their heads while Wakamoto made panty suggestions. After that, the humor all but evaporated in a puff of angst and terrible animation with Nue being the show’s sole saving grace most episodes. It’s almost frustrating after that ending, since they showed that they could do good drama, but instead, things just became mired in an endless morass of Ameri’s angst.

Overall though, one really (really) enjoyable episode doesn’t excuse the last 11, so I really can’t give this that much of an endorsement. If you’ve made it most of the way through, I’d say that it’s worth finishing off just for this episode. If you haven’t started on the series though… I’m not sure the one episode is worth the price of admission. Both Ameri’s and Yumina’s arcs vary somewhere between just flat out boring, and almost offensively bad. If you can make it through that, at least there’s a pot of gold at the end of the road.

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  • shuffleair says:

    So is this better than Ninomiya-kun?

  • Solaris says:

    Wow this last one was a good review!
    And not cause you spoke good of this last episode, but cause it shows some calm analysis and clever judgement and you weren’t carried away by the overflowing emotions of the first watch.
    Thank you very much for having beared till the last episode of this average good (or bad) show.
    Hope you enjoyed writing as much as we enjoyed reading. Keep up the good job.

  • Yeah, as a game-player, I’ve always loved this ending, and was sort of surprised that the writers decided to go back to what I was sort of hoping they’d go for all along. But the main problem with this ending is simply that it ended up being *extremely* cryptic for anyone who didn’t play the game. It conveys the idea, but there are a lot of unanswered questions. Still though, I totally agree — once they got past the Ouryuu stuff (which they spread over way too many episodes, IMO — in the game, all of the arcs were the same length), this ending really leaves an impression. But yes, it is a bit of a “why didn’t you do this from the get-go?!” impression… ^^;;;

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    The question is… did they consumate marriage before discorporeation?

  • Irie says:

    Did Ameri basically agree to let Yuuri marry Mashiro out of compassion? Did she give up on Yuuri at the end. What’s with the flood at the end? Did Mashiro return or was it a flashback. Really confusing.

    I enjoyed the series for it’s overall humor. It seemed to lack substance. The premise is a little like Ahh, My Goddess but hampered by low production value and a story that could have been told in 6 episodes.

    • Aroduc says:

      It wasn’t obvious that Yuuri was going to go hold a wedding ceremony by himself when Ameri sent him off, but yes, she more or less gave up on him.

      The flood scene is just to show a long passing of time. In the game, Yuuri takes a part of Mashiro into himself and becomes a god as well. Then they reunite at some unspecified time in the future. In the anime… assume an earthquake caused a flood or something. *shrug* Or Ouryuu got tired of things and ate everybody eventually.

      • Tensho says:

        Did you play It’s a Happy Day yet. I downloaded the CG, it looks like that one has more comedy ends.

      • Shuyan says:

        So is it really Yuuri and Mashiro in the last minute of the anime? ahhh finally you’ve answered the question inside my head for like a week =) very heart-lifting ending.

  • Hinano says:

    Worst ending ever. I want 12 weeks of my life back, facking Lump of Facking Sugar

  • Aroduc says:

    Pfft. A happy ending where everybody rides off into the sunset would have been so much worse.

  • Irie says:

    Talk about alot of information left unsaid. If we follow the games possible outcomes, the ending really didn’t say much. I would have preferred an ending were both Yuuri and Mashiro moved on. That would have made things pretty clear. The flood scene really didn’t belong in the anime without some background knowledge.

    Like I said earlier, it wasn’t a bad show in many ways. It just lacked proper pacing and a clear direction with the story. Just like CSR, they ran out of time after weeks of Ameri being childish and Ouryuu coming back to life. Assuming he could even be killed.

  • NitWit005 says:

    Problem I had with this show is that, even at the end, most of the characters didn’t seem like they had personality, just stereotypes. The perfect wife, the jealous childhood friend, and so on. It was too hard to empathize with them.

    The only one that I started to care about a bit was Mifuyu Kisaragi. I’m not quite sure why either.

  • Solaris says:

    Do people like Miyufu because of the game? I don’t think she gained so much popularity from this anime, as she (and Yumina) were reduced to mere side chars here. Ameri and Mashiro took to much screen time in Miyufu and Yumina’s arcs too (and said arcs were also done very poorly). It even seemed to me the authors cared more about Nue than Miyufu in the first place. I even have to admit Nue was much a better char than Miyufu herself :P
    (that’s all IMHO of course)

  • Irie says:

    After watching with subs it’s a bit more clear that Yuuri and Mashiro are partnered for eternity. At least for the anime version. It’s implied that Yuuri will be reincarnated enough times to be with Mashiro during her next awakening. The flood scene made it clear that a significant time went by and they are reunited.

    It seems like this plot is a bit different than the game version. As Solaris mentioned, Miyufu & Nue didn’t play enough of a role in the anime to be considered heroines. Too bad since Miyufu is a nice character.

    It’s a shame the show suffered from pacing issues & production budget problems. It could have been a pretty good series.

  • Andy says:

    Arg the ending left some things unanwsered! I never played the game so I lack information, but what was the deal where Ameri was ignoring Yuuri? It was shown as a flashback of Yuuri during one episode (can’t remember which one).

    I’ve been looking everywhere for an anwser :[

  • Serf says:

    Yeah I agreed they never explain that flashback and I’m sure that has something important to do with why Yuuri feelt some grudge against Ameri

  • Animeswordmaster says:

    Ok, so I liked the ending, but I wish that more information was presented. Overall, the series was pretty good IMO (I’m a sucker for epilogue-style endings).

    I have a few questions if anyone can answer them:

    1. After reading the previous comments, it’s safe to assume that it’s Yuuri or his descendant in the last segment right?

    2. I assume Ameri and San-chan got together? They showed that scene when she was “playing” the guitar on a broom to San-chan’s guitar, so this kind makes me a little sad since I was an Ameri x Yuuri supporter the whole time.

    3. Can anyone explain the difference between the game ending and anime ending? I don’t have the resources to play the game unfortunately.

    • X says:


      1.Yes that is Yuuri who met with Mashiro in the future, not his descendant. Yuuri himself became immortal by taking a part of Mashiro’s celestial energy with him, thus making him a part human and part Tayutai. Since if Yuuri himself just died then we would all be back to square one, seeing as Yachimata did love Kikurami, but in the end they couldnt be together. So Kikurami’s incarnation is Mashiro and Yachimata Kageharu’s descendant/reincarnation is Yuuri (since Yuuri directly inherited Yachimata’s powers and developed it even further).

      So it was a good set up for romance, seeing as ancient love was reborn and carried on with Mashiro and Yuuri. It would be stupid if it concludes the same way as their predecessors did, meaning they had to separate and never got back together. Yuuri didnt want this, thus in the anime, at first Yuuri was consoling Mashiro by saying that they will meet in the after life soon since a human’s life is short, still that kind of promise bears great uncertainty and isn’t within their control. Thus in both the anime and game ending (at least in Mashiro’s ending), Yuuri decided to meet with Mashiro after she awakens by becoming immortal himself, that way it wouldn’t be a problem for him to wait no matter how long. Remember that good ending dialogue he said in the last minutes of the last episode? That a hundred years and even a thousand years was fine for him, to wait for her, kinda like a reverse of what happened in Yachimata Kageharu and Kikurami, where Kikurami was always the one waiting, this time in this case, Yuuri is the one waiting for Mashiro.

      2. If you would ask if it happened in the game, then no i dont think they got together. In the anime, there is a possibility seeing as San did care about Ameri’s well-being when Yuuri was ignoring her. Though I understand what you mean, I am not really supporter of Ameri x Yuuri, the game path was really plain between the two. It’s Mashiro X Yuuri OR Mifuyu X Yuuri all the way! Those two’s routes are pure Awesome!!!

      3. This is probably the most unexpected part of the anime, seeing as they stuck with a game ending. There are almost no difference in the game ending and anime ending, it was explained better in the game and in depth, thats all.

      • Ritona says:

        After seeing your explination of the ending, I now feel that it was a good ending (if you ignore all the humans being dead and Yuuri seeing his friends die 1 after the other) and it works for me.

  • Skew says:

    Yea, that was one hell of a pot of gold at the end. Mashiro’s speech got to me a little too. What surprised me the most was that Ouryuu just became the family dog. I swear, I thought he had more pride than that. I’m still not sure whether those other episodes were worth it for this one episode. I will say I had nothing else to do and we’ll just leave it at that.

  • bob smith says:

    I have to agree with X. I think it was longer than 10-20 years. I think he some how became like a deity. HE did not age a day from what we can see plus not only was the city flood but the highway was in disarray. Meaning humans had long since moved on. Plus he was talking like it would take 100s of years.

  • Lemonian says:

    So basically, they wed togheter, then she goes to lets say heaven. Then a few years later a dam breaks and everybody dies there and then mashiro and yuuri are togheter in the future. Please reply to this and explain the end clearly cuz I really hated the end that they weren’t to live a human live togheter at first but if it’s something like I said above then my anger will rest cuz then I think the ending isn’t bad. So please explain what happened at the end starting at the wedding. thank you whoever replies.
    [I hoped that he would live togheter with mashiro and amari, and btw tell me what happens to the non protagonists like amira and yumina, mifuyja and san etc.]

  • Thomas says:

    Terrible ending. Too many unanswered questions. When I saw the ending, I thought either Yuuri committed suicide and met her early, or it shows him dead, meeting up with her again near the river styx. Got to admit though it isn’t really a river though that we saw, but a flooded city.

    I gave the Anime a 6 Anime News Network in the end for being different. but I enjoyed 5-tier anime better than this one. The story was just boring, due to how poorly the episode spacing/story telling was. A lot of the characters didn’t get as much up time as they should have, etc.
    It thought that it was funny how the series had ecchi cliche hints, but didn’t truly show ecchi on the series. Any ecchi was very mild.