Tayutama -Kiss On My Deity- #11 — Is It Over Yet?

June 15th, 2009


That would be a blessing.


The only thing that’s keeping me from calling this the most abysmal looking thing I’ve seen in recent memory is Higurashi Rei. Hou (or was it Ou?) won the award for the worst animated of the ‘action’ bits, but all of them were of the half-assed posing with beams popping out, along with grunting. Yuuri’s final blast and 15 seconds of grunting was the only one that got so bad that it actually amused me. Well… the Hou/Ou and Nue heads sticking out of Ouryuu’s chest was also sufficiently ridiculous enough to make me shake my head and wonder what the hell the writers were thinking. I also particularly enjoyed how Mashiro took Ameri’s hand, and then raised her arm and took Ameri’s hand. I think someone got the order of those shots reversed.

At least it was overall a distant second to Rei just for its constant use of random crap flying through the air and showing shots of people’s feet or the back of their heads to mix things up during their 10 minute whine-a-thons. Remove the animation, and you’ve got almost ten full minutes of Ameri and Mashiro talking about how they like Yuri. Their feelings will come as a surprise to anybody who may have missed episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10, so it was great to have a ten minute mostly static recap for Ameri to stop being a whiny little brat.

Man, I can’t wait for the new batch of shows to start so I can forget this ever existed.



Most exciting preview ever.

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  • Solaris says:

    You’re as whiny as Ameri. If you dislike this show so much why don’t you just drop it?

  • jeffng9 says:

    are we safe to say that they have decided to go with ameri’s ending?

  • Fumika says:

    Hmm… Mifuyu never got her say….

  • “are we safe to say that they have decided to go with ameri’s ending?”

    If you were comparing to the game, they’re going with an anime-original ending at this point. (In fact, we’ve been in anime-original territory for some time now, even though they’re still appropriating some parts from the game.)

    And in response to Solaris’s point, this whole blog is largely a ham sandwich. Every once in a while he posts about something he legitimately likes, but mostly it’s just whining incessantly about everything he thinks is stupid or poorly-done. And yet, clearly, he keeps selecting these sorts of shows to watch every season. “Could it be” that he’s doing this on purpose?! No way…

  • The Phantom says:

    It was obvious since the first episode that this series was garbage, you were not expecting this to suddenly become a Mononoke Hime, were you?

    Is a matter of personal choice of course, but with series like phantom requiem, pandora hearts, cross game and east of eden out there, is a waste of time to review this trash, then again you know what they say: Someone’s TRASH may be another’s TREASURE.

  • Irie says:

    Speaking for myself, I really don’t judge a series for several episodes. This one had an interesting concept and really a simple formula. Pandora hearts, phamtom requiem just seemed too dark and after a while I lost interest. Cross Game has horrible character designs but a really interesting story. Something I picked up during the halfway point and read the manga as well.

    Tayutama isn’t going to be a season award winner but I wouldn’t trash it. I wish they had moved the story along a bit and improved the animation quality (no, maybe alot) but I’ve seen alot worse.

    For those that are looking forward to the new season, get ready for an overdose of “slice of life”.

  • Solaris says:

    I’d like to tank those who replied, but i need to spend a few words more to explain my little rude rant better.

    I felt the author’d be somewhat disppointed from this serie as he didn’t write a single positive comment on it lately. I also think this serie indeed showed up itself poor and it’s quality went terribly down from one episode to another.
    If that was indeed the case, maybe it’d better to stop reviewing it for one’s sake. The author should just acknowledge the fact he now dislikes the show and quit it. It’d be no use to continue blogging something one dislikes cause it would be negative for the show and the readers. Furthermore it’s not Aroduc’s duty to blog no matter what and no to enjoy it. Blogging something one doesn’t enjoy must be a real pain.

    Of course i may be mistaking and really Aroduc likes the show (or maybe he likes it better bashing it :P). If that’s indeed the case, just ignore me and let’s go on with Tayutama ^^;

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t know about Aroduc’s personal tastes or tendencies, but for me at least, I usually stick through a show till the end if I make it passed the half way mark or so, even if I tend to not like the show too much.

  • Mouse says:

    Personally I judge an entire series on the last five minutes of the third episode. If you know much about how a series (TV, animated, anime, etc.) is produced, that’s where the producers show their hand. That’s the “tell”.

    If that five minutes is crap, I think of how that last Scotch must have tasted to Hemingway.

  • Aroduc says:

    Well, at this point, I’m going to finish it just because I made it this far. God help me if you people were around while I was mocking my way through the last 2/3rds of Labyrinth out of boredom on Tuesdays.

    I think it’s more indicative of how tweaked the anime fandom is. Everybody is so fiercely defensive of it, especially the western corporate suits, that it’s developed this mindset of “if you can’t heap praise on every single episode, then you shouldn’t talk about it at all.” As for why… that’s an entire essay unto itself that I so do not feel like writing.

    As far as this particular case goes, they could have made this episode emotional, touching, or even exciting. They didn’t. Awful use of music, poor direction, poor animation, and dialogue that took up the lion’s share of the time but added nothing to the characters. That’s really all it boils down to for me.

  • jeffng9 says:

    hm… i dunno but i just feel that this oen will be heading over for ameri’s ending~ of course i would wish for mify’s ending route~ heck they might even dare make the whole thing no ending or just simply whack in maro maro ending~ not that i ahte it but i would love to see more of mify~!

  • “I think it’s more indicative of how tweaked the anime fandom is. Everybody is so fiercely defensive of it, especially the western corporate suits, that it’s developed this mindset of “if you can’t heap praise on every single episode, then you shouldn’t talk about it at all.””
    – Aroduc

    I personally don’t think it’s that. It’s just that there are two sorts of anime fans: people who only watch shows they like and drop everything else, and people who keep watching shows until the bitter end even if they don’t like it. People in the first group don’t tend to understand the motivation of people in the second group (since being forced to watch shows they dislike would make them miserable). It’s a personality thing.

  • Solaris says:

    Adoruc wrote:“if you can’t heap praise on every single episode, then you shouldn’t talk about it at all”

    Well it’s not really like that. Sure everybody must be free to write about what they liked or disliked. It’s not a matter of “dont badmouth the show” or “only speak good of the show”, rather “let the reader build up his own opinion” and “express your own opinions and make sure not to force them into the readers”. That is a complete change of a point of view isn’t it?
    A negative review is always welcome ’cause it warns on possible bad shows out there. But whatsoever review should follow an accurate analysis and ot come out only by rant. That is what i guess.

  • Aroduc says:

    Pfft. If you want to start paying me to be a totally fair and balanced critic, I’m all for it.

  • Irie says:

    It’s funny, I don’t think anyone here is ready to praise the show. Not sure Adoruc can say anything positive at this point and still be honest. Tayutama has been a disapointment. I am with that group that still has some hope the ending will be praise worthy. Until that day, I’ll look for some positives.

  • I think you may be right, Irie. I think the show is, however you feel about it, pretty typical of this director/writer combo, which is pretty much what we figured going in. The early preview gave the impression that they were going to animate the game’s story (and not that I’m a game purist, but I at least thought the game stories were decent), but those scenes were animated only for the preview (clearly to appeal to game players). Instead they did what I expected of them and remixed things to deliver an original ending (where they leave the romantic revelation to the end, and will surely still leave it somewhat open). Obviously this works for them, because they keep being selected for more eroge adaptations (“from the team behind School Days and Akane-iro”). I don’t dislike the show as a sort of omake (similar to how I felt about Akane-iro), but I won’t be buying the DVDs/Blu-Rays either.