Polyphonica crimson S #11 — The Nanoha Special

June 13th, 2009


When you just can’t take the time to clear away debris before shooting a giant beam through it.


An excellent episode, and I’d say easily the best one for this series yet. Entertaining the whole way through, which I’ll go ahead and note now is not the same as being good, and the action scenes really felt like they were actually fighting for the first time, as opposed to just standing around and throwing beams at each other while lazily drifting out of the way. And, of course, I can’t help but be a huge fan of shooting through multiple levels of structure with a giant beam as the method to solve all your problems. Not one beams, but two even! If only the entire series had been like this.

Like I said though, it wasn’t all beamspam framecount. That little peptalk near the start of "But why do you want to save Corti?" was so cliche that I chuckled to myself. Jerkoff’s face-turn was also really cheesy, but Perse outdid him with her "Let’s all sing for Phoron together!" and the crowd cheer. God help us all if Phoron makes a spirit ball next episode. Layka’s (I’ve forgotten how I’ve been spelling her name already) apparently death was also the epitome of cornball and possible problems with the space-time continuum. Many props to Renvalt for cheapshotting owlboy with a pocket explosive, but the explosive propelling his newly summoned magic spear upward through the floor to stab Layka? The worst part is that you could see it coming a mile away. Also, I really have absolutely no idea how Renvalt ended up below them. After Phoron left Renvalt, he ran down stairs to find Eufie. The physics there are mindboggling to say the least.

Oh right, plot. While the side character have their big final fights, the Legion of Doom drained the music out of Corti to make the Score of the World or some such rot which Van will now use to make a world of replicas because he’s still pissed off about Hod. Or something like that. I’m just glad this show is approaching a real ending, given how few this season seem to be. I’ll go ahead and just ignore the laughably forced drama about Corti being ‘dead’ while there’s a giant ream of sheet music made from her sitting 30 meters away.

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    Last 3 episodes have been pretty good. It’s a hard series to appreciate without the subs. Fortunately, they are almost caught up so we can actually enjoy the ending.