Polyphonica crimson S #10 — Prelude

June 6th, 2009


A bit too adagio for my tastes.


Yawn. Second setup episode of the day and it didn’t even have random yaoi or beasty pairings to make fun of… outside of the loli passed out on top of the giant wolf for the majority of the episode. Everybody gets prepped to go fight the Legion of Doom before being airdropped into the final dungeon. A few sort of nice moments between Corti and Phoron, but the first 20 minutes or so of the episode could have been replaced by a medley of A Whole New World and Leavin’ on a Jet Plane, and I’m not sure that anybody would have really noticed. The ending seemed a bit needlessly stretched out as well, especially since the only thing keeping Phoron from plunging a few hundred feet into the ocean is Corti’s power anyway. I’m not entirely certain how that’s keeping him any safer, especially since he’s still got a piano strapped to his back, which is only slightly less useful in this scenario than… say… a lifevest.

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One Lonely Comment

  • meganeshounen says:

    Rape’d-face, much?

    Also, a bit sad that it’s ending already. Don’t really know if I should wish for yet another season, but meh.