Legend of Regios #03 — Drugs, Sex, and Rock n’ Roll

June 6th, 2009


Silly Faceman.


This edition of Regios actually had quite a bit more meat to it than the previous ones. It fleshed out the fight between Saya and Faceman (hee hee… Faceman) quite a bit more and let the killer loli strut her stuff a bit by turning her arm into heavy artillery. It certainly made the fight make a bit more sense by having Saya actually attack him and attempt to defend herself before Facey took her town. Whose-his-face (seriously, Saya and Faceman are the only two names I remember from the LoR segments) also apparently has a powerof his own sealed up in his eye, which does make him a little less badass than if he were a normal human with a gun. It’s almost criminal how many supervillains (and heroes) in anime could be taken down by someone with the super power of "has gun, spent 5 minutes at a target range, not afraid to shoot it."

It is a little bit disquieting that the old guy and the gothloli apparently have a sexual relationship, but honestly, that scene was surprisingly touching of all things, even while ol’ whose-his-face  was rambling on about his dreams of a sister. Well, the straddling wasn’t touching, but the hugging and nuzzling afterward was… and to his credit, Saya’s the one that interrupted his naked naptime to crawl up on him and smell his… gun. They’re both probably soul devouring beasties anyway.

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