Chrome Shelled Regios #22 — One True Pairing

June 6th, 2009


Layfon x Savaris 4 lyfe, yo.


Totally 100% a setup episode, and before anybody starts raising too many flags for anybody here, Leerin was aiming for the lips and Layfon sidestepped her to go for the cheek. If anything, it supports my Layfon x Faceman pairing ending, or the only marginally more likely Layfon x Savaris, especially the way he was touching himself while thinking about Layfon this episode. Honestly though, the next episode preview was probably the most interesting part of the episode, which isn’t to say that it was a particularly weak episode as far as talky talky setup goes, but that the preview was nothing but Goat-Possessed Nina running amok. I’m kind of hoping that the way it’ll progress will involve her beating the crap out of the Zuellni troops before Grendan puts her down hard, and then some rescue Nina mini-arc to act as a finale, although at this point, I’ll take just about anything so long as it provides at least a little closure. There aren’t that many weeks of this show left, guys.

The only really two interesting things that were shown in this episode was Savaris going a little further over the deep end and into obsessive territory when he told Gorneo that he killed his monstrofied bro and started hugging himself as he talked about how much fun it was to be around Layfon, and the whole Nina/Goat/Monster deal. Of course, the latter took up about 10 seconds at the very end of the episode, so your guess is as good as mine for now. It was nice to see Naruki again, albeit briefly, and Leerin’s unfortunately still carting around Layfon’s deus ex machina sword for some reason. Just give it to him already, you silly bint.


Goat x Nina is clearly unbalanced.

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  • Anonym says:

    The goat mask has Gecko eyes.

  • Nazarielle says:

    Leerin’s unfortunately still carting around Layfon’s deus ex machina sword for some reason. Just give it to him already, you silly bint.

    Seriously, stop cockblocking.

  • sora says:

    this episode kinda let me down but that is TWO KISSES FOR THE LAYFON X LEERIN TEAM! WOOT! WOOT! I love Savaris too (he is my lil choochoo lol) but if Savaris tries anything with Layfon I will enter this show and destory him myself! (I am unoffically proclaimed as Layfon’s wife lol) Aroduc, if that does happen, i will die . . . I really hope that the show ends on a REALLY REALLY good note.

  • tabs05 says:


    Honestly,WTF?!? When I saw the preview with Nina wearing the mask and fighting like a maniac, I thought it was a crossover with Bleach and that she underwent hollownification to power-up.

    I must admit this ep almost put me to sleep.Too much talking and felt like it didn’t progress the story much.It was fun seeing Savaris though laughing like a maniac recounting his sadist memories of inflicting pain, suffering and fear.I admit he and Layfon should end together seeing how Layfon kept smiling with all the injuries he sustained.

  • Silver says:

    Naw.. it does not matter to me much because since the anime is following the novels pretty well so far, it means that Layfon will eventually kiss Leerin himself so oh yeah!!! Anyway, no kidding about the Gecko eyes.

    • aya natsume says:

      sorry to pop you’re bubble there..but the kiss you’re looking for might actually be the one that happened on this episode..anime version..besides, from the mood of the LN when the kissing happened, its just an accident..because to check if she’s crying, Layfon tried to peek on to Leerin’s face..too close that their lips actually could be a kiss..but where’s the feeling dude? i tried to force my office mate to translate the page cause she understood jap characs and all, but she could also be wrong..since she knows that i’m rooting for layfon x nina..hehe…anyways, peace… :)

      • Silver says:

        I had a couple friends said that that in the LN he actually mutually kissed her. Also, it’s not the one in this episode either since the part where he mutually kissed her was one time when she was in a hospital since she collapsed. They they talked for a bit and finally he kissed her on the lips.

        About Nina though, it’s freakin awesome to see a Nina x Layfon fan as well. On Animesuki, they bashes Nina so much which is just unfair. Personally, Nina is understandable unlike how the people on Animesuki acts. However, I’m a Layfon x Leerin fan so when a couple of people on there translated that part for me, I was totally in glee!

      • sora says:

        you know, nina is an alrite chick (heck she is stornger than me! lol) but i will ALWAYS be a LAYFON X LEERIN fan!

      • aya natsume says:

        yeah…okay…since its kinda obvious that some of the anime epis have diverted with the LN parts, its possible that this could be the kiss…if ever there will be another kiss, then maybe next season if there are any…

        regarding the kissing in LN, the mood is really not romantic…so i still believe that Layfon hasn’t chosen Leerin yet…Leerin maybe has the edge since she’s the childhood friend, but, as i see it, Layfon shows more interest on his taichou Nina…so i guess we just have to wait where the anime will take us…


      • sora says:

        that is true (he does have some weird obessesion with the headstrong and goat-rapped Nina) Aroduc you should look into that lol

        but, you have to ask yourself this to: why did he kiss Leerin in the first place? (even if she was a childhood friend, i wouldn’t kiss her because when you have a very old relationship with someone, feelings are unstable . . . just like goat crazy Nina lol)

      • aya natsume says:

        why did he kiss her? of course to calm her down…she’s gone all the way to Zuellini, only to find him wounded and now gearing and preparing for battle…Leerin is really worried about him…as what Layfon has said, its his own choice to protect the people he cares about…and that he regrets what he did in the past since there could be more alternative ways other than what he did…he’s trying to make Leerin understand why he fights even now that he’s in Zuellini…besides, though Layfon initiated the kiss (which is very unlikely to happpen to Felli and Nina of course because he doesn’t want to die…hehe…), there is no romantic mood whatsoever, just an assurance that everthing will be okay…that it’s alright for him to continue to fight…to protect…

        hell, Leerin even asked herself, what’s her purpose of being there? she can’t stop Layfon, so if you can’t beat him, just join him…hand him the katana… :)

  • Anonymous says:

    she gone hollow mask with goat power

  • Yue says:




    This is just a dream… [FELLI~SEMPAI KICK!!]

  • Twi says:

    So did nina just take herself out of the running

  • The Phantom says:

    Meh! Setup episode… so much talking >.>, stupid layfon he should have kissed nina when he had the chance, now is going to take a couple of episodes before the chick calms down, Yay for Nina x Layfon ending ^_^ !

  • Irie says:

    Unless someone heard about a second season, this looks like an original anime ending. Really no more time left for buildups. I’m betting Layfon gets possessed by the goat-spirit. We’ll see some type of time freeze were layfon offers to become the host and free Nina. Can’t see them kill off such a great character.

    Once Layfon is possessed, we’ll see a fight between him and Savaris. Layfon will break his sword and be on the verge of losing. Leerin shows up in the final episode and gives layfon the new dite. Layfon wins and returns to Grendan with Leerin, becoming the 12th blade again. I think this also gives closure to the things described in the legend of regios.

    That’s my guess on how things will turn out. If another season is planned, we might get an open ending which is fine with me as well.

  • coffer says:

    I think it will end with ninaxlayfon…..
    only the time will show it….
    but i’m ok if layfon with someone else or maybe wiyh no one hehehe…

  • Yume says:

    just something for all fans Leerin x Layfon …
    It’s true from the novel and manga from Regios serie
    He totally reject Felli, have a brother sister feeling for Leerin but that true he fall in love for Nina when he and her meet in the mecanics place in the novel and manga
    hope it’s will like the novel !!

  • Blah blah says:

    I despise all of your opinions. It’s Nina x Layfon. Got it fools? NINA x LAYFON!