Polyphonica crimson S #08 — Counterpoint

May 23rd, 2009


Phoron, just… stop talking, please.


A pretty good episode marred by only two things. First, the show’s lack of a budget continues to really make itself painfully evident. The episode was almost entirely action, and it rarely got any more complex than characters standing around shooting beams at each other while the target shrieked. Second, for the probably 6th time in the show, we had to sit through yet more of Phoron whining and not believing in something. This time it was Corti instead of himself. We get it. He’s a spineless little weakling. Let’s move on already. I’m not sure the "Corti is Corti" speech could have been any more generic or cliche.

Aside from that, lots of explosions and another cliffhanger. Leave it to the loli to succeed where the dullahan, owlman, and giant evil tanuki have failed. I am assuming that we’ve got at least an episode of detailed explaination about both whatever the hell they’ve revived from under the school as well as Corti past as the Crimson Princess of Annihilation and her past with the terrorists, so I’m not really looking forward to that too much. So long as Phoron mans up here instead of angsting about fighting terrorists who want to kill him and all of his friends, I think it probably won’t be too bad. Probably not terribly interesting until the big finale, but I’d settle for an angstless final month of the show.


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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Corti says:

    More action yet too come. Don’t rely on too much only-information, most good things come – as today – while mixed into action… I am looking forward to it ^^

  • P-dash says:

    This show honestly needs more naked Corti. Also, does the pink loli spirit have a name? I don’t recall anyone ever mentioning it.

  • Silver says:

    Actually I enjoyed this episode. About Phoron, I would not say he is spineless at all. He’s a pacifist and that’s his belief. The point that was important was that he changed his thoughts and reactions on things for what could make the results better. Not everyone can change their way of thinking easily.

  • Corti says:

    @P-dash: The pink spirit is called Mizerudoritto ^^

  • Irie says:

    I watched the first season and thought it was pretty enjoyable. I thought Phoron made some progress and stopped doubting himself so much. This new season has me confused.

    Is season two basically starting over? Seems very similar to one. Can anyone here compare the two a bit?

  • Someone says:

    Maybe its the prequel for the first season…

  • The Phantom says:

    This series only have one problem: Phoron. I find the dude utterly stupid, insecure, whiny and annoying.