Polyphonica crimson S #05 — Phoron’s Testicles Drop

May 2nd, 2009


A month in, and it’s about time.


Phoron continues sucking this week for the first three quarters of the episode, even backing down from letting Corti fight a stuffed animal. Seriously, dude. It’s a fuzzy little rodent, the worst thing it’ll do is maybe turn into a statue. As expected, Raika’s got Danglis under some kind of spell now making him antagonize Phoron even more. It affects Prine’s spirit-half as well when the spell’s especially strong.

Of course, I guess it did sort of work out a bit since the tanuki was the giant evil energy ball thing that Raika was using last episode, but it was patently ridiculous to see it bouncing around with Psylock-esque energy evil energy attached to its hands before it turned into its true form. The flying loli headbutt to take out Danglis was also pretty cheesy. At least after being taunted, Phoron finally grew a pair and decided to support Corti… not that she particularly seemed to need it for the most part.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chimasternmay says:

    man pretty soon with no subs im gonna have to start watching this raw for the sake of watching it.

  • Corti says:

    It’s getting better and better I think. I had high expectations for that show, because the game was so great. And it’s been fulfilled. Hopefully they don’t put much weight on the twins and skip their unimportant scenes from the game *laughs*

    What I was surprised about was that Leica reveiled that she knew basically who Corti was, throwing almost everyone of her titles (without the most important one though) into her face… That was very early… Well, let’s see when this is subbed.

    Oh and thank you by the way for the weekly screenshots!

  • P-dash says:

    Looks like the show is FINALLY starting to pick up.

  • Silver says:

    @ Corti

    Naw, I think the part with the twins was also great and interesting. Anyway, woot! It is going great!

  • Corti says:

    Spoilerwarning for everyone who didn’t play the game!

    @Silver: I am not that of a twins fan… the only things that I am missing now that they don’t seem to take it to the Anime is the deeper background knowledge about fusing humans and spirits. I think it helps in the later development of the story, to understand why the old terrorists around Kuchiba were so hunted for… (apart from all the killings and other acts of terror) But I think there was no time for those details when they adapted it for Anime.