Otoboku -Kiss On My Deity- #06 — Drag Queen

May 10th, 2009


He doesn’t even make a hot girl, which I’m pretty sure breaks one of the ironclad laws of anime.


Yuuri’s crossdressing is starting to worry me. He’s even attained a magical girl charm to help him become a pretty soldier protecting the moon the other school. Compounding the fetishism of this episode was that Mashiro reverted to her irritating loli form for this episode as well. It was amusing to watch Yuuri spazz out, all ready for a fight when he heard one of the new troublemaker tayutais showed up. Hou started out as just a fat little irritable chicken attached to Yumina’s head.

That really was about where my interest ran out though. The rest of the episode was centered on the still annoying Yumina and Yuuri busting his balls (literally) for her, with the ever so dumb revelation that he considers her family. SHOCK! GASP! 30 SECONDS OF SHRIEKING! Yeah, nobody ever saw it coming. At least the episode ends with Hou’s more evil better half, Ou, showing up to hopefully attempt to eat Yumina and be hit with a flying motorcycle. Oops. Spoilers. Hopefully they’ll at least do a somewhat better (as in, not embarassing) job of animating it, because the scene at the end of this episode made Yoichi look positively dramatic. Maybe if Yumina’s shrill whining didn’t annoy the ever living hell out of me, I’d have been more or a fan. Good lord, is she a chore to listen to.


When pissy phoenixes attack.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • chad001 says:


    5 Minutes of Spazzing later….

    Maybe she’ll beef up with the phoenix in her… I know ameri looked alot better with the dragon in her, you have to agree, spoiled by OP or not… she was SO much of a better character without all the highpitched bitching, about Mashiro. So maybe Yumina will calm down, and be the generic quiet character that she should be…. or at least lower pitched, with an over-sexed pervert phoenix inside of her….

  • Memento says:


    Looks like they tore this scene straight from the VN.

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    Dancing Queen! Yuuri, Queen of the Desert.

  • jeffng9 says:

    looks like not much of mifuyu :(
    but yumina looks good~

  • rufe says:

    Animation budget ran out…

    Bad End.