Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Rei #03 — Stagnation

May 9th, 2009


Going nowhere slowly.


Well, if you were hoping for nothing but a nearly word for word retelling of this arc with about 5 minutes worth of animation spread out across a 30 minute episode, then I have good news for you. For everybody else, this episode was dull to the extreme. We rehashed the whole "this isn’t Rika’s world" about three times over the course of the episode with the only real development coming at the end when it’s revealed that the shard that changed everything is the fact that Rika’s mother is Oyashiro’s incarnation instead of Rika. And it only took us 27 minutes to get there. And even during that, they reused the same animation of her mother hugging her three times in a row. Way to push the borders of OVA production quality, Deen.

It wasn’t all bad or rehashed dialogue though. Rika also beat Satoko with a chair. That was entertaining. The episode could have used more of that. There were probably also as many frames of animation used during that scene as the entire rest of the episode combined. Aside from that, it was literally 30 minutes of static talking heads, pretty much every single one of them saying "this world’s pretty good, okay?" At least next episode, where Rika actually has to make a decision and follow through on it, should be more interesting, if a bit preachy at the end.




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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    School violence? i blame videogames

  • Anonymous says:

    Why would they need to do a recap of two episodes? That seems kind of odd.

    Also odd that there’s a 4th OVA. Thought it was ending with this one, oh well.

    • chad001 says:

      Oh.. .there’s 5 ova episodes… so… yeah…. ends with next… and this wasn’t all recap.. .it showed the weird crystal… and that Rika actually got run over by the truck… and the missing peice.. .they just didn’t explain enough for 1 ep….

  • GreenStains says:

    Hope the next OVA will have blood…and lots of it.

  • Avisch says:

    I must see.

  • Aetius says:

    Rika beats Satoko? about time though not expected from Rika. i need to start watching the ova.

  • chounokoe says:

    Well I think most of the Higurashi Anime Fans will be dissappointed with the outcome of Saikoroshi-hen.

    But well…I don’t like it that much either, because it leaves out all the important facts that the story delivers and changes it into ‘just another world’ story.

    I don’t feel Rika’s anguish, the hate for all those around her and her self pity at all…

  • The Phantom says:

    The first episode was NOT my favorite, the second episode was BORING, and the only good thing about the third is Rika beatig the crap out of Satoko with a chair? (the scene was great though) thats not enough for three episodes! this series went downhill after the first season. What makes me watch this series is violence and violence alone, if they are going to throw at me all this nonsensical interdimensional loli drama, I will just drop this and rewatch season one >:(

  • Anonymous says:

    Higurashi was never a lolgore show. Even in season 1 its pretty tame. Go watch crap like Mnemosyne if you want gore.

  • Anonymous says:

    Next episode wont have blood.

    I’ll just kill some of you guys’ expectations right here..

  • hanyuu says:

    well I like it ^_^ i wish you would all stop downing every anime you all watch especially the blog wrighter <_< he/she has always got nothing good to say about any anime, and I’ve seen most of the anime eps this blog covers and this person just doesnt give them justace.

    go rika! X3

  • sdfsdfsd says:

    This was total shit. They couldn’t pack everything that was in the original arc in 3 fucking episodes, for sure. Yet they tried. Those idiots.