Chrome Shelled Regios #21 — Glowing Balls

May 30th, 2009


…of energy, you perverts.


The big showdown between Haiaiaiaia and Fon-fon certainly seemed to have a hardon for turning them both into glowing balls of energy and having them bounce off each other. If you squint just right, you can pretend like it’s whatever your favorite generic Shonen Jump battle may be. There were a few dramatic moments and some actual real choreography above and beyond hitting the other person’s sword, grunting, letting your aura flair, and then pouring out your daddy issues, but they were a bit eclipsed by people turning into giant glowsticks… and whining about their father. There was an insert song through it, but I wasn’t really a fan. I preferred the bad RPG tune they were playing previously. It also didn’t help that the only time Layfon even broke a sweat is when Felli accidentally distracted him, but he threatened to kill Haiaiaiaia after the doofus kept whining about his father and then proceeded to one-shot him, so even at the end, he was just a mook in front of the Fon-fon avenger.

Aside from that, there wasn’t too much on the development front this week outside of the last couple minutes, unless you count probably around five full minutes devoted to idiot Haiaiaiaiaiaia and how his group of mercenaries is his family. Outside of the daddy issues there, Mayth ran off because Grendan is bearing down on Zuellni. I’m impressed that Grendan is almost as fast as conventional transport. Either that, or Leerin got lost a few times on her way there. That’s far more interesting than Leerin slapping Layfon and bitching him out for being up to his usual "slicing guys up" tricks that he was supposed to be getting away from. Sister, if you have issues with Fon-fon cutting a bitch, I’ve got issues with you. I did like that they actually showed Darth Vader actively suppressing Felli’s power. That seemed like something of a gaping hole whenever you kidnap a telepath that they actually addressed, so huzzah for them.



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37 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Irie says:

    Damn good episode. Finally got some action and no distractions. With just a few episodes left, this has got to go another season.

  • Yue says:

    Leave it to Arudoc’s amazing choice of words, that’s CRS’ finest commentary ever, for now.

    Why’s Fon~fon’s aura green? Repressed harem syndrome? ^_^

    Anyways, 50+ episodes is enough and cutting it short is an unimaginable cliffhanger.

  • Anime Fan says:

    Well at least Leerin and Layfon meet again.
    And lo and behold! Leerin and Nina can meet again and:
    1. Be confused and wonder what happened
    2. Reveal everthing
    3. Or both.
    But hey. At least the story moved one or two steps.
    Whats with that one place Layfon got exiled from appearing out of nowhere?

  • Nazarielle says:

    Haha, I did like how you could see how badly Felli smashT the door when she was trying her damnedest to get out.

  • Azure says:

    I personally think the fight should have ended with Felli waltzing up and just kicking Haia in the shin, completely destroying it. >_>

  • tabs05 says:

    He got pawned in three moves by an injured Layfon with a dite?I don’t know if that was more embarrassing than the time he got knocked out in one seeing that he was bitching about being more powerful with a katana.Unfortunately he doesn’t have mad skills like Layfon who doesn’t need one to kick his ass even when he went for a cheap shot.

    Don’t you think 50+ eps is ridiculously long,not going to happen I think.Plus this has been dragging for awhile now, I hope they can wrap the series in 3 eps but who knows.

    • Nolla says:

      I really hope they won’t finish the show in this season. It would seriously be too hurried since we don’t even know the full background story of the world they live in, not to speak of the characters backgrounds.

  • Aroduc says:

    It’s confirmed to be over at 26 anyway.

    • Yue says:

      Awww, “poof” goes my wishful thoughts but “yay” for a second season. Gawr! Gawr! ^_^

  • Diradem says:

    I am happy with the episode, finally there is
    movement. I was amazed that Grendan showed up,
    i think the queen is really worried about Leerin.

    I hope they get things going, and did i see that right at the end, Leerin wanted to kiss Layfon? Truly curious about the next epi :) Yay

  • bloodedge says:

    And again they show a battle where fon-fon is ridiculously more powerful than his adversary. Battles involving Layfon are just too boring because of this. I had high hopes in fon-fon character but with only 5 episodes left I think fon-fon is going to end as another Mary Sue in the long list of small animes like this one. Well, at least the story was kind of interesting :)

    • Yue says:

      Hey, give Fon~fon some credit. Look, he scored points for making Felli~sempai happy. ^_^

      • bloodedge says:

        hahaha you have a point there my friend :P
        Still I think Layfon had much more potential than this. For now he is just your standar hero that is all powerful, all main girls (and I mean ALL) die for him, and dont have real flaws as a character. A quite common shonen hero in small words :P

  • sora fujino says:

    i think there is going to be morethan 26 episodes. this story line has a lot of potenital and i really happy that they made up for that last episode! lol LEERIN X LAYFON 4EVA!

  • sora fujino says:

    And the brothers meet up (Guro and his crazy adorable older brother)! the suspense is killin me! GREDAN!

  • Yue says:

    hmmm… that description fits “Asu no Yoichi” better though. ^_~

  • Anonymous says:

    great episode, can’t wait for next week.

    And we all know how this will turn out v_v Layfon will have to fight all by himself against all of the heaven blade recievers OR the Queen really felt bad about what she did to Layfon and now she has come to pick him up.They all kiss and make up. The end. See ya next season.

  • yanxii says:

    i think that nina is afraid of leerin knowing what is going on with her…

  • The Phantom says:

    Awesome episode, the battle was great and layfon threatening to kill haia was cool too, too bad he did not kill him in the end (he deserved to die, whining loser).

    I guess nina-layfon-felli love triangle is over before it started properly, I guess is leerin-layfon all the way from now on, lets see ow the harem subplot develops after this.

    Damn I cant wait for the next episode :(

    • Yue says:

      You can see it in Fon~fon’s eyes… must kill annoying Haiaiaiaiai!!

      Anyways, WAVE THE BANNERS OF FELLI~SEMPAI!! woots. ^_~

    • bloodedge says:

      Yep, I like Haia character but still it would have been better if Layfon killed him. I mean, Haia would have died like a true swordsman, falling for his ideal, and at the same time that would have given a real flaw to Layfon as a character; but that can’t happen because Layfon is an all mighty hero that must beat everything and never commit a true sin so he can be loved by everyone… sorry but boring :P I hope the other Heaven Blades can kick Fon-Fon’s ass, he needs to show his ass truly kicked or commit something really wrong in order to not end in the serie as a 100% Mary Sue.

  • Anonymous says:

    tss, not as Mary Sue but Jebus or as the embodiment of the GOD of GAR.

  • sora fujino says:

    I think Layfon would had killed him but it was Haia’s possie that stopped him if you think about it. Layfon really didn’t care for Haia and that would had let out a lot of STRESS (killin two birds with one stone) but once everyone started crying and stuff he was like, “…screw this, im out.” lol

    • Yue says:

      “…screw this, im out.”

      Fon~fon’s evil side speaks. If he gets dual alignment, then it’s a plot~twist. Woohoo! ^_~

  • Kara says:

    More than 26 episodes? That means moar of those Legend of Regios thing that’s being randomly shown every episode!! I wonder when that’s going to get interesting…

  • this was a great episode especially when Grendan appeared,if they have to fight them then they’ll be up against The Heavens Blades,great fights to come cant wait

  • Silver says:

    Wait, I thought Leerin was complaining about how Layfon was always making people worry and nothing about him cutting up a bitch. Because, if she really had any issue about what I think you said, she would not be where she is now.

    @ bloodedge

    When was Layfon ever a Mary Sue? Never felt really felt that he was. A lot of people on Animesuki however thinks so and it sure pisses me off. Seriously, I like Layfon as much as they do but there are many things that he chose a bad decision. Those people on there kept defending him and bashing Nina from head to toe saying Layfon is right in everything he does which is is just bullshit.

  • bobofet says:

    Bah!!! layfon is either way too overpowered or we havent met any powerful characters yet…cause up until now layfon buf f@#ks everyone he meets.

    i mean what was the point of the whole stupid 10=15 min of sighting if all he had to do was some magic hand trick and one shot haia? what a waste of time and energy…pathetic really..

    i agree that fonfon is too perfect…considering he is the hero of the show i can belive i am hoping for him to actually loose some battles….


  • Silver says:

    @ bobofet

    Well, the problem so far is that all the people he faces so far were not Heaven Bladers like him so they were pretty much on the losing side. However, from what I heard if he was to compare to the other Heaven Bladers, he is not the strongest although not the weakest either but somewhere in between. However, it was said he has a lot of potential to be the strongest. Funnily though no matter how strong he will be in the future, it seems the queen will be twice as strong. That mean you don’t want to be on the opposing side of the queen herself. Freakin scary I would say.

    • Yue says:

      Yes, the queen is pretty much the strongest since her power runs similar to the Haikikozoku possession something. ^_~

      It is no doubt however that the character design for Layfon Alseif is refreshing compared to other protagonists in the shounen category nevertheless…

      He is comparable to the impact and impressions made by the male leads in FF7 and FF8. Although, Layfon started the game as a level 90~99 character per se. Which is refreshing in its own right too. ^_^

  • xlayfonxlerinx says:

    dude they should make chrome shelled regios long running like bleach or naruto. that would be wiked but next episode is weird i mean theres gonna be a giant filth monster and in 23 nina turns into the boss of the people who wore those funny helemets which tried to kidnap zelluni. layfon vs hakizoko nina who will win